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Sram | Freehub Body For 746 Rear Hub Xd Driver

$54.99 30% off $79.00 msrp

SRAM Freehub Body For 746 Rear Hub Replacement Freehub Body for SRAM 746 rear hub. This freehub is compatible with XD-compatible cassettes. It features durable sealed bearings and a high-quality 3 pawl engagement system. If you are switching your drivetrain to a new SRAM 12-speed drivetrain, you will need a XD freehub. The freehub comes with the pawls and springs installed making replacement quick and easy. Features Compatibility SRAM 746 Hubs | Sram | Freehub ...


Sram | V2 X.9 Freehub Body X9 Freehub Body For 10Mm Axle

$18.63 15% off $22.00 msrp

SRAM V2 X. 9 Freehub Body If it's near impossible to get your cassette on or off fow whatever reason, it might be time for a new freehub body. The SRAM V2 X. 9 Freehub Body might work for you. SRAM V2 X. 9 Freehub Body Specifications: For 10mm axle For 9/10sp drivetrain | Sram | V2 X. 9 Freehub Body X9 Freehub Body For 10Mm Axle


Sram | Xd Driver Freehub Body For X.0 Hubs, Roam 30&40, Rail Xx&40

$102.00 5% off $108.00 msrp

SRAM 11-12 Speed XD Freehub So, you're finally ready to step up and reap the benefits of SRAM's groundbreaking 11 and 12 speed drivetrains. Don't forget you'll have to switch to the XD driver, but don't worry, we've got you covered. This SRAM XD driver fits SRAM XO hubs, Roam 30 and Roam 40 wheels, and is only compatible with SRAM XD style cassettes. Features 4 pawl system for rapid engagement Alloy construction for lightweight ...


Shimano | Slx Fh-M665 Freehub Body Freehub Body For Fh-M665 Hub | Aluminum


Shimano SLX Free Hub Body Parts wear out and components break. Keep your baby rolling with genuine replacement parts from Shimano. The SLX Free Hub Body will get your gears spinning smoothly and engaging accurately once again. Fits many popular hubs and will accommodate 9 speed Shimano/SRAM cassettes. Features Genuine Shimano Replacement part Compatible with 9 speed cassettes | Shimano | Slx Fh-M665 Freehub Body Freehub Body For Fh-M665 Hub | Aluminum


Dt Swiss | Sram Xdr Freehub Body For Ratchet Drive Hubs Qr X 130Mm, End Cap


DT SWISS XDR FREEHUB BODY FOR RATCHET DRIVE HUBSGETTING RATCHETIf you're looking to replace your freehub body or upgrade it so you can use SRAM XD cassette, then you'll want to pick up the DT Swiss XDR Freehub Body For Ratchet Drive Hubs. It is compatible with DT Swiss 180, 240, 350, and 440 hubs. It comes with an end cap as well for QR x 130mm. Features For repair or replacement Compatible with 180, ...


Dt Swiss | Xd Freehub Body For 3-Pawl Hubs Sram Xd 11/12 Speed


DT Swiss XD Freehub Body For 3-PAWL Hubs DT Swiss makes some of the best wheel components on the market. Use there XD Free hub body meant to be used with a 3-Pawl hub to get your rig set up for a 11 or 12 speed drivetrain. End caps are not included. Features Cassette Body Type: SRAM XD 11/12 Speed Material: Alloy Manufacturer Part Number: HWRABM00S3869S | Dt Swiss | Xd Freehub Body For 3-Pawl ...


Shimano | Ultegra Fh-6800/fh-Cx75 Freehub Shimano |Sram 11 Speed Freehub Body


Shimano Ultegra FH-6800/FH-CX75 Freehub The Shimano Ultegra FH-6800/FH-CX75 Freehub adds performance to your wheels at a great value. It features a cup and cone bearing design for added durability and performance. It also allows for easy maintenance so you can keep your wheel in top shape for the rides ahead. Features CUP AND CONE FOR DURABILITY AND BEST PERFORMANCEHIGH DURABILITY, SMOOTH ROTATION BEARINGSEASY MAINTENANCEDIGITAL ADJUSTMENT SYSTEMLESS QUICK RELEASE AXIAL FORCEWT: 158G ...


Dt Swiss | Sram Xdr Freehub Body For 3-Pawl Hub 3-Pawl Hubs, Qr X 130Mm, End Cap Included


DT SWISS XDR FREEHUB BODY FOR 3-PAWL HUBFOR XDR INTERFACESThe XDR interface is 1. 85mm longer than XD and is designed for road hub applications. The XDR driver bodies are compatible with all XD cassettes when the cassette is installed with a 1. 85mm spacer. The DT Swiss XDR Freehub Body For 3-Pawl Hub is for repair or replacement and works with SRAM XDR cassettes. They are compatible with either QR x 130mm or 12 ...


Dt Swiss | 10-Speed Freehub Body For 3Pawl Includes Fh Body And Pawls | Aluminum


DT SWISS 10-SPEED FREEHUB BODY FOR 3 PAWLREPLACEMENT PARTSMuch like all the moving parts on your bike, your freehub body will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced. With regular use, parts will wear out and will need to be replaced to keep your bike working properly. The DT Swiss 10-Speed Freehub Body is designed to work with 3-pawl DT Swiss hubs. It comes with the freehub body and pawls but does not ...


Easton | Vault Freehub Body Shimano Hg | Aluminum


EASTON VAULT FREEHUB BODYOPENING THE VAULTThere are times when you need to replace your worn out freehub body and then there are times when you want to upgrade your freehub body to something better. Whatever the occasion is, you'll want to make sure the freehub body is compatible with your rear hub. The Easton Vault Freehub Body is compatible with Easton Vault rear hubs. It is available in either Shimano Hyper Glide or SRAM XDR. ...


Stan's No Tubes | Durasync Freehub Body | Red | Shimano Hg 8-11Spd, Kit


Stan's No Tubes Dura Sync Freehub The iconic original Neo Hub by Stan's has evolved into a stronger and more reliable incarnation of the original beast. The additional stress of larger cassette cogs, more capable bikes, and even more challenging trails led their engineering team to create the Neo with new Durasync technology. This freehub is a direct replacement for your Neo hub and includes pawls, springs, and apawl retaining ring, as well as a ...


Industry Nine | Hydra Freehub Sram Xd Complete Kit


Industry Nine Hydra Freehub Upgrade, swap out, or do a full rebuild of your Industry Nine Hydra hub with the Hydra Freehub complete kit. The kit is available with a variety of freehub bodies, perfect for if you’re planning on making the jump to a newer drivetrain from an older hub. It also includes all of the necessary bearings, spacers, springs, pawls, endcaps, and seals to make the change as well as give your hub ...


Saris | Freehub Shimano, Sram, Hammer/h2


Saris Freehub Convert Your Trainer If you're using a Saris direct drive trainer, you might want to run a different cassette. If your cassette is an XD or XDR, you'll need a new freehub. The Saris Freehub is designed for the Hammer and H2/3 direct drive trainers. Whether you're replacing or upgrading, you'll want a Saris Freehub. Features Designed for Hammer and H2/3 direct drive trainers Compatible with XD, XDR, Shimano and SRAM cassettes | ...


Saris | 11Sp Cassette On Freehub 11Sp


Saris 11sp Cassette on freehub The Saris 11sp Cassette on freehub is a freehub and cassette combo featuring a pre-installed 11-speed cassette. This cassette is compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo 11-speed systems and is compatible with the Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer, as well as the Cycle Ops Hammer and H2. The cassette is 11-speeds and has a 11-25 tooth range. Features Compatible with the Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer, as well ...