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Chromag | Trailmaster Dt Saddle Black


Chromag Trailmaster DT Saddle Become a Master of The Trail The Trailmaster DT by Chromag features a medium-sized platform with a rounded, uninterrupted perimeter. This sleek saddle is easy to move freely around on. It features medium-firm density foam with a padded nose for technical climbing and all-around comfort-inducing, friendly contact. A flat sitting area with a central circulation relief promotes sitting on your bones. It is an excellent model for punchy tech sessions or ...


Sdg | Fly Jr Steel Saddle Black/black

$35.99 10% off $40.00 msrp

SDG Fly JR Steel Saddle The SDG Fly JR is the industry's first branded children's specific MTB saddle. It is specifically designed to fit the smaller sit bones of Groms and Junior shredders. An oversized nose platform lets junior maneuver into an ideal climbing position. The plush foam padding, synthetic leather cover with Cordura sides, and steel rails ensure that this saddle will remain comfortable and take anything that young riders can throw its way. ...


Chromag | Lynx Dt Chromo Saddle Black


Chromag Lynx DT Chromo Saddle The Lynx DT is Chromag's All Mountain saddle. It boasts excellent versatility and a sleek, comfortable shape that sits low. Fit for a range of bikes from Trail to Downhill, it's highly versatile. It has a narrow platform and firm density, making it useful for those looking for traction in tough spots. The Lynx DT features a synthetic top and Chromo rails for added durability yet it weighs in at ...


Chromag | Juniper Chromo Saddle Black/grey

$81.00 10% off $90.00 msrp

Chromag Juniper Chromo Saddle The Juniper is Chromag's women-specifc saddle. It features a sleek design, a medium stiffness profile, a synthetic top, and durable chromoly rails. The Juniper is widely considered Chromag's most comfortable saddle by women and men alike and the wide nose provides friendly contact in technicalmaneuveringsituations. Features Top: Seamless Synthetic leather Rails: Chromoly steel Weight: 282g Dimensions: 269mm x 141mm | Chromag | Juniper Chromo Saddle Black/grey