Cleaning Up a Trail at Sycamore Canyon

Sycamore Canyon MTB Trail Clean Up

At Jenson USA, we’re nutty about mountain biking. From the reward that comes from tackling steep climbs, and the adrenaline rush from a fast descent, to getting outside and experiencing the beauty of nature—we enjoy pretty much every aspect of being on the trails. We also know that this enjoyment only comes following the hard efforts to maintain these trails in a ridable condition. That’s never been more apparent than recently at Sycamore Canyon; our favorite local trails behind Jenson HQ.  

For those who aren’t familiar, Sycamore Canyon is a popular mountain biking destination here in SoCal, with miles of winding trails that twist through beautiful desert landscapes. With all of the heavy rain in California this winter, these trails went from dry, hard-packed desert dirt with tumbleweeds and dry grasses, to a lush green wonderland akin to what you’d expect to see in the hills of Switzerland. 

Image of Sycamore Canyon Here's a shot of Sycamore Canyon for those who aren't familiar. There's lots of fun riding out there, but it's thanks to the rain that it's this green and beautiful.

While this much-needed rain brought a new beauty to our typically desert landscape, the trails eventually became overgrown. This overgrowth made large swaths of the trail nearly invisible and made most of the trails nearly unrideable. Inspired by these warmer temperatures and clear skies, a devoted team of volunteers from Jenson USA were anxious to get out on the trails and get rolling with some seasonal trail maintenance. 

Eager to get the trails back into shape, the team of dedicated volunteers made its way out to Sycamore Canyon, armed with trail tools, weed whackers, and trash bags. With the weather suddenly feeling more like late-July than mid-April, the early-morning sun was already getting hot, and the temperatures rose quickly. The group split up into smaller teams to quickly cut back brush, pick up trash, and repair the erosion caused by the winter downpours before the day got too hot. 

Pic of team getting ready to clean up trails Jenson Team Getting Ready for Trail Cleanup

By the end of the day, our trail work strike team had made solid progress on the trails and were even able to get in some test laps on their mountain bikes.  While there’s more work to be done out there, we’re happy to see our local trails again ready for those summertime lunch loops and after-work sunset shreds.  

If you’re ever in the Riverside, CA area, be sure to check out Sycamore Canyon. You’re welcome to park in our parking lot at Jenson HQ (1615 Eastridge Rd, Riverside CA) and check out our favorite local trails for yourself. Keep Pedaling! 

Pic of cleaning up showing how overgrown trails are Trails are beautiful but super overgrown from all the rain
Jeff C. from bike build weed whacking the trails Jeff C., one of our pro builders gettin down and dirty
Pic of Rattlesnake Met this little guy out on the trail too.
Hauling back a safe from the trail You never know what you'll find out on the trails during a cleanup session. Here's Founder, Mike C, and User Experience Guru, Eric N hauling in some sort of heavy duty safe.
Pic of Jenson Staff in Front of Building Here' a pic of a big part of the Jenson staff and cleanup crew in front of our HQ in Riverside, CA.

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