SWAT™ Technology

Why wear a pack if you don't have to?



A hydration pack can be useful, but the freedom of riding without additional weight strapped to your back or the discomfort of a sweaty back is something that most of us prefer, but often there are ride essentials that are necessary to bring along. Specialized knew there had to be a better option. Their innovative solution is SWAT™. A better way to create Storage for Water, Air, and Tools, so you can be prepared for anything without sacrificing comfort.



You don't need to own a Specialized bike to take advantage of SWAT™ technology. Specialized has a comprehensive lineup of biking apparel designed to keep riding essentials stored seamlessly on your body. Pieces like the SWAT™ shorts or vest are designed to carry tools, water, and nutrition securely while going virtually unnoticed during your ride. Specialized focused on creating well-thought-out and secure pockets that kept items from shifting or discomfort during your ride. This means that you can crank out the miles in your normal riding gear without worrying about where your keys, phone, or tools are going to go.


Carrying items on your bike is another great way to ensure that you have what you need in case something goes wrong, but past solutions have only worked so-so, and using electrical or Duct tape to strap gear to your fancy frame just doesn’t feel right. The lineup of SWAT™ components has you covered. These storage solutions from Specialized range from steer tube tools to water bottle cages and kits to saddle storage. Pick your favorite version or mix and match to create your perfect setup. These SWAT™ products are designed to provide a safe and organized way to carry everything you need for your ride on the trail or road.

SWAT™ Technology Bike Frames

Most impressively, though, Specialized's patented SWAT™ Door found on their MTB frames provides select carbon frames with the ultimate in integrated storage solutions. With a simple push and pull at the down tube's water bottle cage, you gain access to a massive amount of storage, all without compromising the integrity or ride quality of the frame. Whatever you can fit in there, you can ride with, so be creative and keep your ride essentials where you want them—off your back and on the bike.

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