What's Happening and How Can We Help?

Santa Cruz, CA has been at the heart of cycling since the sport's inception. Many riders, brands, and innovations have found their home in this coastal city and now the mountains around Santa Cruz are currently experiencing a wildfire of historic proportions. It has burned over 85,000 acres, threatened thousands of structures, and destroyed hundreds more including the homes of several individuals in our bike industry family. We may not be able to fight back these flames ourselves, but we can lend a hand and help our bike family rebuild their lives from the ashes by contributing to the GoFundMe efforts created for them.

Join us in donating to Santa Cruz employees and Chuck & Debbie Teixeira of Specialized

Santa Cruz Employees Fund

This fund will go directly to help Santa Cruz Bicycles employees affected by the fire with both immediate and long-term needs. Currently, 44 employees have been evacuated from their homes, 4 of those have already confirmed to have lost their homes entirely. Many more are waiting to hear about if and when they will be able to return to their homes.

Santa Cruz Bicycles is committed to supporting their employees but we can do our part to help our cycling family through this tragic event. Donated funds will be crucial in helping with their most immediate short-term needs like temporary housing, food, clothing and essential day-to-day living items.

Fund for Chuck & Debbie Teixeira of Specialized

This fund will go directly to help Specialized employee Chuck Teixeira and his wife, Debbie, who lost their home to the fire. Chuck Teixeira may not be a name that you are familiar with but it is very likely that you've experienced at least one of the many innovations that he's brought to the world of cycling. Chuck has had a lifelong journey on two wheels and has been instrumental in making cycling better for all of us.

The CZU Lightning Complex Fire destroyed their home and a lifelong collection of vintage bikes, antique cars, and cycling innovations; including many of Chuck's own inventions. Chuck and Debbie are thankful to be safe and healthy but need our help in facing the monumental task of rebuilding their lives and dealing with all the challenges of being displaced from their home.

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