2025 Fox Suspension: Introducing the All-New Generation of Grip Dampers!

For 2025, Fox has come out swinging with an all-new lineup of forks and dampers. The new Grip X2, Grip X and Grip SL are replacing the outgoing Grip 2, Grip and Fit4 dampers which have provided amazing performance in Fox forks for years. There have been some pretty solid improvements in performance and longevity of this line of suspension and we're excited to share the information with you!

Fox provided us with an amazing opportunity to visit their headquarters, talk to their team, learn about a ton of new products and try them for ourselves. We decided to toss this video together recapping our time at Fox Factory Headquarters in Scotts Valley, CA and all the things we learned about the new products. We know this one is long, but if you have some time to spare, Join Kevin as he provides a comprehensive overview of Fox's new 2025 line of forks and dampers!

2025 Fox Products


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