Short Travel High Pivot Bikes!?? The New 2024 Norco Optic and Sight MX!

The Norco Optic and Sight are a couple of the most popular trail and all-mountain bikes available, respectively. New for 2024, Norco has completely updated their suspension platform, moving from a traditional 4-bar design to a high-pivot 4-bar design to increase versatility. No matter how much travel you choose, a high pivot bike will be able to punch above its weight class.

Although high-pivot suspension platforms are starting to become the norm when it comes to all-mountain, enduro and downhill bikes, very few companies are utilizing them on trail bikes… the Norco Optic is now one of the few available that touts this platform, but with the same amount of travel as it had in its previous iteration (140mm/125mm rear).. Identical to the Optic, the Sight retains the same amount of travel as the previous generation (160mm/150mm) and receives the high pivot treatment to allow it to handle the most technical and chunky of terrain with ease.

 We know that these bikes have been on the market for a couple of weeks now, but after seeing a couple of builds in person, we wanted to share some of the changes with you all and release a quick video highlighting some of those details. Join our Athlete and Ambassador Marketing Manager Kevin as he goes over some key details on the 2024 Norco Optic and Sight!

Products in this video:
Norco Optic C2
Norco Sight C2 MX
Norco Bikes

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