How to Replace a Bicycle Tire!

How to replace a bicycle tire is one of the most common questions newer riders may have when it comes to bicycle maintenance. Because installing tires is an incredibly helpful skill that every bicycle owner should learn, we decided to throw a video together demonstrating the process.

It can be expensive and time consuming to constantly have to bring your bike into a shop or ask someone else to work on your bike for you, so knowing how to handle this entire process on your own is incredibly useful for when that inevitable time arrives where you need to know how to remove or install a tire on your own! Whether you need to repair a flat, replace a worn out tire, or maybe even swap to rims or wheelsets, knowing how to tear your wheels apart is an imperative skill to have. 

Although there are a variety of different casings that increase or decrease the difficulty of removing or installing a bicycle tire, the process is generally the same and all of the little tips and tricks you learn along the way translate across all situations to make the entire process less difficult. Join Mark as he goes over some of the tips and tricks you might want to know before you put a new tire on your bike!


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