The Best DJ Upgrades!

26'' isn't dead! With the increasing emergence of bike parks and pump tracks across the country, dirt jump bikes are becoming more and more popular. Many riders are starting to see the benefit of owning a dirt jumper, whether for building skills, spending more time with friends and family members, or just finding a new avenue to have some fun on two wheels, dirt jumpers are proving their usefulness and versatility.

Many of us, including myself, are hopping onboard and picking up a DJ to add to our stable of bikes for a brand new way to have fun. There are many aspects of DJ riding that can be confusing to new riders so we figured that it would be a good idea to drop some tips here. Did you just grab your first DJ and are unsure of what you may want to change and why? Look no further, Alex and Mark have put together a quick list of the best DJ upgrades that items you might want to consider when upgrading your new DJ.


Products in this video:

Deity Highside bars

Deity Deftrap pedals

Chromag Overture saddle


Fox Dropframe helmet

26'' Bikes

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