The Top 10 Best Bicycle Saddles! (Our Picks!)

Choosing the right saddle is crucial for being able to go out for long, enjoyable rides on your bike. When you’re on a seat that isn’t a correct fit for your body, you may experience premature discomfort and numbness which can easily reduce your time out on the trails.

Many riders are unaware that there are many specific features that you need to factor in when choosing a saddle. Whether it’s saddle width, length, flatness, or even cover material, one small variation in your saddle can lead to irregular discomfort that can absolutely ruin your ride.

To help you avoid this, we decided to make a video showing you some of the best saddles on the market to help keep you pedaling. Each of these saddles are unique in their own way so we wanted to point out some differences between them in hopes that it helps you make a more informed decision if you’re out looking for a more purpose-built saddle but are unaware of where to start.

To ensure that you’re getting the most optimized saddle for your ride, make sure you measure your sit bones then select a saddle that aligns with your measurements. If you are unaware how to find your sit bone dimensions, do a quick google search to find the best way to get an accurate measurement.

Products in this video:

SDG Bel-Air V3 Lux-Alloy
Ergon SM Comp
Spank Oozy 220
Deity Speedtrap
WTB Volt Ti
Specialized Phenom Comp
Chromag Trailmaster Dt
Brooks B17 Standard
Specialized S-Works Power Mirror Saddle
Fizik Vento Argo 00 Adaptive

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