Canada Shipping

Jenson USA is the BEST online bike shop for Canadians. We understand your concerns about import duty, tax, and brokerage charges; so we’ve worked hard to deliver fast, economical shipping with no extra charges. When you shop with Jenson USA there is NOTHING due at delivery.


There are NO brokerage charges when you shop with Jenson USA. We know that you’ve been burned by brokerage charges with other retailers and shipping carriers, so we’ve selected a premium shipping option with NO brokerage charges. We guarantee that you will never pay a brokerage charge on a shipment from Jenson USA!


With other retailers, you would normally pay GST/PST when your shipment crosses the border. At Jenson USA we collect this tax from you at checkout and remit it directly to the government of Canada. You’ll see your exact total at checkout, and there is nothing due at delivery.

Import Duty

We charge duty on orders shipping to Canada and rate varies based upon the product ordered. The duty amount will be included with any GST/PST taxes in the Order Summary on the taxes line.

Q & A

I’ve been burned by brokerage charges in the past. Are you sure I won’t be charged? We’re sure! We know this is an important issue because with other retailers it’s often a “hidden” cost. A bargain quickly goes away when you have to pay a brokerage charge, that’s why we’ve selected a shipping method with NO brokerage charge.

How do you determine the amount of tax? PST/HST etc. is based on your delivery address and collected at checkout.

What are the shipping charges? To determine the shipping charges, simply add the items you are interested in to your shopping cart. This does not obligate you to buy them, and you don’t have to login or create an account. We’ve worked very hard to make sure our shipping rates are competitive. When comparing Jenson USA to a competitor, make sure you’re making an “apples-to-apples” comparison - the illusion of a low shipping rate disappears when you have to pay brokerage, duty, and/or tax at delivery.

I live near the border. Can I use my Canadian billing address, but specify a USA address for shipping? Yes, absolutely. We are happy to ship to the USA on your behalf. A packing slip showing your items and the prices paid will be included with your shipment, but not any customs or export documentation. You can choose the best way to move your items across the border for your personal situation.

Is there anything else to know? Jenson USA will charge your card in USA dollars. Some credit card issuers charge a small fee (usually about 1%) to handle foreign currency. Check with your card issuer. If they do charge this fee, note that it goes to your card issuer, and not Jenson USA. Jenson USA does not “markup” the currency conversion.

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