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Product Availability and Stock Status

The stock status shown on our website reflects our real-time inventory.

  • Items labeled"In Stock" in green are on hand at Jenson USA.
  • Items labeled "Out of Stock", "Expected On...", or "Usually ships in ..." in red are not on hand for us to ship immediately. The dates given are our best estimates.

If you have a specific delivery deadline, please select items marked "In Stock" so that we can ship your order promptly.

Pricing may vary between our magazine ads, catalogs, showroom, retail stores, and website. Currency fluctuations, manufacturer price increases, model year changes, and other factors may cause our costs to change. Jenson USA reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. Prices listed do not include shipping. Errors in product descriptions, weights, prices, or photography are unintentional and subject to correction.

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How do you handle backorders?

What is a backorder/pre-order?

In order to give our customers the best access to products, we enable our customers to backorder/pre-order items. These are items that are not currently in stock, but are due to be added to our inventory as soon as the manufacturer can supply them. This allows our customers to save their “spot in line” for high demand items or hot new products that are just being launched.

Backorder/pre-order ETAs are determined by the manufacturers, and are subject to change due to manufacturing, shipping, and demand timelines.

How does this affect my order? (split ship details)

Domestic Backorder/Preorder Policy - In the event that you choose to purchase both in-stock items and pre-order items, shipping costs will be assessed based on the entire order total and charged at the time of the initial shipment. We ship all in-stock items right away. Once all of your backordered items become available, they will be shipped without additional shipping and handling charges.

If you'd like us to fill your backorder in multiple shipments as they arrive for faster delivery, a shipping and handling charge on the additional shipment(s) may apply. You will need to contact a Gear Advisor to apply this request.

International Backorder/Preorder Policy - International shipments must ship complete (with all items from your order in a single box), so shipment will be delayed until all backorder or pre-order items arrive in-stock. You can eliminate any delays and have in-stock items shipped immediately by cancelling out of stock items from your order, or by placing separate orders for in-stock items and backordered/pre-ordered items.

How does a backorder affect my payment?

Debit/CreditWe do not charge debit/credit card orders until items are shipped. Your banking institution may show an authorization of funds, but no transaction has occurred until your items leave our warehouse. If you cancel a backordered/pre-ordered item prior to shipment, no refund is necessary and your account will not be charged.

PayPal – Due to PayPal’s policies, funds are charged in full upon checking out on our site whether items are in-stock or backordered. If you cancel a backordered item prior to shipment, a refund will be issued and generally takes PayPal 5-7 business days to issue.

Don’t want to wait for backordered/pre-ordered items? Here are your options.

Cancel/remove backordered items – Cancelling backordered items will allow any remaining in-stock items to ship right away. You can do this by contacting a Gear Advisor.

Place separate orders for in-stock vs backordered items – This allows for all in-stock items to ship quickly without any chance of delay due to backordered items.

Call a Gear Advisor to find substitute products options – Our Gear Advisors have heaps of knowledge and resources available to help you find similar products that are in-stock and ready to go, talk to one now at 888-880-3811 instead of waiting for a backordered item.

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When is your shipping cut-off time?

Jenson USA provides an estimated shipping date and delivery date at checkout, based on the items and delivery method you select. To see the estimated delivery date, simply add the items you are interested in to your shopping cart.

Economy shipping is available to some addresses for shipments which are not time-sensitive. Jenson USA processes economy shipping orders at off-peak days and times in order to offer you the lowest possible shipping cost, and then ships them via a method that will reach you on or before the date we promised at checkout.

Please understand that a delay may occur if your credit card was declined or for address verification if your billing address and ship to address are not the same. For this reason it is important that you provide the correct phone number and e-mail address.

If you are paying by personal check, please allow seven to ten days for bank processing (the time it takes for your funds to become available).

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How long before I receive my order?

Jenson USA uses UPS or USPS for all US lower 48 deliveries. All APO/FPO and deliveries to Puerto Rico ship via US Priority Mail. 

UPS Ground - 2 to 7 business days for delivery.
Deliveries are made Monday through Friday.

UPS Express - Next Day (by 3:00PM), 2-Day (4:30PM non-residential / 7:00PM residential).

Please make a note: All UPS Express shipments require a signature. We ship using this method to insure that your order is delivered securely. If you want your order delivered without a signature, please contact UPS (1-800-PICK-UPS) prior to shipment. They will let you know of the process to set that up.

Orders to APO/FPO and Puerto Rico are shipped US Priority Mail. We have found that shipping times vary from 1-3 weeks. Please contact Customer Service for the USPS tracking number.

Complete Bikes and Custom Wheels

If you are ordering a Complete bike or Custom Wheelset please note: All bikes are assembled at the time your order is placed. Please allow aprox. 3 days additional for the order to process. All Custom Wheelsets also need to have a lead time of 3 days before the order ships. Please give us a call and we can give you the most accurate lead time at the time of your order.

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