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Cyclocross & Gravel Bikes

Cyclocross & Gravel Bikes are the bikes that can take you beyond where the road ends. The line is beginning to blur between what defines a cyclocross bike and what defines a gravel bike, but both have similar characteristics. They both have drop handlebars, knobby tires, and are built for dirt yet draw their technology and components from road bikes, but cyclocross and gravel both also have their defining characteristics. Cyclocross bikes are made for cyclocross racing and thus have to fit within UCI regulations for what defines a cyclocross bike. Gravel bikes are made for adventure and are not restricted by anything other than the bike designer’s imagination.

Cyclocross Bikes are very similar to elite road bikes in that they are mostly built to race. We say mostly because cyclocross bikes are not all built to be super lightweight, rigid, and only have speed in mind. One thing that all cyclocross bikes do share is that they are designed to be ridden on or off-road. They have knobby tires that are wider than slick road tires to ensure that they are capable off-road machines, and they tend to have a little more relaxed geometry from road bikes to help take the edge off the roots, ruts, and bumps that you’ll find on cyclocross courses. Cyclocross bikes can be ridden on the road and for that reason they are one of the more versatile bikes that you can buy.

Gravel Bikes are one of the most fun bikes that a cyclist can buy. Gravel bikes are not subject to racing design restrictions so that they can have super wide, comfortable tires combined with relaxed geometry that comes together to deliver a bike that is very comfortable on the road and very fast and capable on the dirt as well. Gravel bikes do not take the place of mountain bikes as they are still designed around a road bike platform, but they are the type of bike that you’ll find yourself riding more and more as they beg to be taken on an adventure. Some gravel bikes have rack mounts and can be made into the ultimate adventure bike for a multi-day trip. Whether you are going out for a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks, a gravel bike is the perfect choice.

Jenson USA has a wide selection of cyclocross & gravel bikes. We try our best to make finding your dream bike as easy as possible. We are riders just like you and we know how important selecting a great cyclocross or gravel bike is. If you have any questions at all hop on a call or a chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811 so that we can help you find that perfect cyclocross or gravel bike.