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Fox 36 Float Factory 29 2018
SAVE 30 %
MSRP $979.00
Fox Float X2 Factory Shock 2018
SAVE 28 %
MSRP $619.00
Award Winner
Fox 34 Float Performance 27.5 2018
From $499.99
SAVE 32 %
MSRP $739.00
Fox 32 Float SC Performance 29 2018
SAVE 38 %
MSRP $729.00
Award Winner
Fox 36 Float Factory Team 27.5 2018
SAVE 35 %
MSRP $1,049.00
Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3 DB Rear Shock
SAVE 14 %
MSRP $510.00
Award Winner
Manitou Markhor 26" Fork
SAVE 10 %
MSRP $249.99
Award Winner
Fox DHX2 Factory 2019
From $605.00
Award Winner
Rockshox Recon Silver TK 29 Fork-No PKG
SAVE 50 %
MSRP $399.00
Award Winner
Cane Creek Dbair Il Rear Shock
From $230.00
SAVE 52 %
MSRP $475.00
Award Winner
Cane Creek DB Air Inline Rear Shock
From $225.95
SAVE 59 %
MSRP $550.00
Award Winner
Cane Creek DB Air CS Shock
From $299.99
SAVE 57 %
MSRP $695.00
Award Winner
Cane Creek DB Air Rear Shock
SAVE 65 %
MSRP $650.00
Award Winner
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Bicycle Forks & Suspension

If you ride off-road—whether it’s fast and flowy XC singletrack or more aggressive enduro or DH terrain—chances are your bike has some sort of suspension. There are many different schools of thought on bicycle forks and suspension, but there’s no doubt that adding some squish to your bike can help you ride faster with more control. Besides smoothing out the bumps, suspension helps keep your wheels connected to the trail, so you have better traction for climbing and cornering, plus improved braking while descending steep trails.

We carry a large selection of bicycle forks and suspension for every style of off-road riding. There are two main suspension areas for mountain bikes: forks (front) and shocks (rear). Here’s a look at some of our most popular suspension products.

Suspension Forks: All of the top brands are represented in our line of suspension forks, including Fox Racing Shox, RockShox, Cane Creek, DVO, MRP and others. Forks range from the XC variety (80-120mm of travel) to trail (120-170mm) to gravity and DH (170-200mm). When shopping for a suspension fork, consider both the bike that you’re riding as well as the terrain. If you have a full-suspension bike, the fork and rear shock need to work together for optimal performance. You don’t necessarily need the exact same travel front and rear, but you don’t want to put a DH fork on an XC bike, or vice versa.

Rear Suspension: Different frame manufacturers have widely varying rear suspension designs, but all rely on some type of shock technology. carries rear shocks from all the major brands including Fox Racing Shox, RockShox, Cane Creek, DVO and others for every type of bike. There are two main types of rear shocks: coil spring or air spring. Typically, XC and trail bikes use lighter weight air-sprung shocks, while gravity and DH bikes use coil-sprung to handle the bigger hits. There are plenty of features and options to consider, including lock-outs, compression and rebound adjustments. Be sure to narrow your search down to the shocks that will fit your frame, and feel free to call one of our Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811with any questions.