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Ibis Bicycles

Ibis, who recently celebrated their 30th year in business, started without much of a plan, and little funds either. But through the years, as they’ve encouraged people to pedal, laugh, and pedal some more, things have changed for them. These days, Ibis consists of a close-knit group of friends and enthusiasts in Santa Cruz, CA, with the ultimate goal of building you something that makes you smile when you ride it. Being that the Ibis team claimed the 2017 Enduro World Series Championship, it’s no wonder that their Mountain Bikes are so revered. Their iconic Mojo full suspension bike is in its fourth generation, having been carefully crafted and designed through the years. With the inception of the Mojo HD4 comes a refined carbon layup and excellent performance on big hits as well as efficient stiffness for climbing.

Along with their uniquely engineered and exceedingly fun bikes, Ibis makes some of the best Mountain Bike Wheels in the game. One of the early proponents of the wide rim trend, Ibis’ wheels offer riders increased traction and a more predictable feel, as well as better flat protection. Their hookless bead design vastly increases strength and puts your handling right in the sweet spot.