Questions or looking for the best deals on bikes?  Having just come from 99 Spokes, you know there are lots of options, and the decision on choosing a new bike can be overwhelming.  Hit us up and we'll help dial in the best ride for you.

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Exceeds Expectations - 5 stars

"Darin was very knowledgeable and helpful in ordering a new mountain bike. Darrin was well-versed in parts, various specs, and always did his best to ensure a great deal for the customer. It is extremely important and useful to have a gearhead like Darin, Jenson, and all its customers are lucky to have you."  - JensonUSA Customer

Making a Positive Connection

"Appreciated Joey’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and willingness to work with me. Joey provided spot-on answers to my questions and additional guidance based on his experience. I was treated like a VIP with Joey’s emphasis on assisting me in getting exactly what I need to create the best cycling experience." - JensonUSA Customer

Honest salesman, knowledgeable subject-matter expert

"Talked to Scott on a few orders over the years. A couple of bikes and some gear. He's really nice and easy to talk to. I like that he provides honest opinions. An honest salesperson that knows the sport and gear - is invaluable. Would buy again." - JensonUSA Customer