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Race Face | Turbine R 35 Handlebar | Black | 10Mm Rise, 800Mm Width | Aluminum

$49.00 45% off $89.99 msrp

Race Face Turbine R Alloy 35 Handlebar The Turbine R 35 Handlebar goes a step beyond with an aggressive design and width that compliments modern all-mountain riding. Tried and tested 7075 aluminum gives you the confidence to charge aggressive terrain, and 35mm technology delivers fantastic overall weight/strength ratio. A variety of rises allow you to fine tune your cockpit and dial in your setup. Your six inch travel bike will thank you. Features Manufactured from ...


Race Face | Next R Carbon 35 Handlebar | Green | 20Mm Rise, 800Mm Width

$89.00 50% off $180.00 msrp

Race Face Next R Carbon Fiber 35 Handlebar Race Face's Next Handlebar features excellent small bump compliance and subtle, sturdy geometry to give you responsive handling on a range of trails. Varying in rise and width, this bar caters to a variety of different riders and types of terrain. Whether you want €˜em big and wide, or low and sleek, or somewhere in between, there's a Next for you. Features Material Carbon Fiber Clamp diameter ...


Renthal | Fatbar V2 31.8Mm Handlebar | Gold | 31.8, 800Mm Wide, 10Mm Rise, 5/7Deg Up/back | Aluminum


RENTHAL FATBAR V2 31. 8MM HANDLEBARENHANCED ALUMINUMHop on your saddle, grab your handlebars, and go. The handlebars on your bike are more than just the thing you hold onto while you're riding. They help to increase your handling capabilities and comfort. The Renthal Fatbar V2 31. 8mm Handlebar is the ultimate combination of ligthness, strength, and durability. It is lightweight at only 315g and has a more efficient use of material, removing any excess to ...


Oneup Components | 35 Handlebar 800Mm, 20Mm Rise


ONEUP COMPONENTS 35 HANDLEBARTHE BEST FEELING BAR POSSIBLEWhether you're cruising the trails, trying to get that KOM, or just riding to escape, the type of handlebars you use on your bike matters. The One Up Components 35 Handlebars combine the best ride characteristics of 31. 8mm and 35mm diameter handlebar standards. It is a strong, lightweight, and minimized arm pump and vibration while also maximizing steering response. It is a carbon handlebar that allows for ...


Spank | Spike 800 Race Handlebar | Black | 5Mm Rise, 800Mm Width | Aluminum

$47.99 40% off $80.00 msrp

Spank Spike 800 Race Handlebar World Cup Tested With World Cup quality performance on their side, Spank developed their Spike Race Bar with the help of their pros. This handlebar is the 5th generation of the Spike Race handlebar legacy, developed in coordination with some of the world's top DH and Enduro pros. A unique construction of Super 6 alloy, processed with Spank's patented CNC bending and Dual-Extreme-Gradual Taper (XGT) technology makes the Spike 800 ...


Pnw Components | Range Handlebar Gen 3 35Mm | Safety Orange | 800Mm Width, 35Mm Bore, 30Mm Rise | Aluminum

$44.40 40% off $74.00 msrp

PNW Range Handlebar Gen 3 35mm Shred Comfortably The third generation of the ever-popular PNW Range Handlebar is still focused on ergonomics, in a newly-updated package. The new Gen 3 Range comes in an 800mm width for extra stability and capability, while actually saving nearly 25 grams over the previous generation. This wide handlebar still features the 10-degree back sweep, 5-degree upsweep, and 30mm rise that the original Range is known for, making it ideal ...


Ritchey | Comp Kyote Handlebar | Silver | 800Mm, 31.8Mm, 27Deg | Aluminum


Ritchey Comp Kyote Handlebar Answering the call from the wild Ritchey’s Comp Kyote bars are the perfect pairing for modern adventure and bikepacking rigs. The super-comfortable 27. 5 degree sweep puts you in a relaxed position without compromising your handling performance. Measuring out at a whopping 800mm in width, you can be certain that you’ll have plenty of space for bags, lights, mounts, etc. 35mm of rise puts you in an upright position that’s supportive. ...


Enve | M7 35Mm Handlebar 800Mm, +10Mm Rise, 35.0, 8/4 Deg


ENVE M7 MTB HANDLEBARThe M7 bar is ENVE’s 35mm bar for the most aggressive and demanding riders. Carbon fiber is the ideal material for a gravity bar because fiber orientation and bar shape can be controlled independently and developed in unison, resulting in a tuned flex profile that cannot be achieved with aluminum. This bar is tuned to be precise and responsive, while absorbing fatigue-inducing chatter and taking the sting out of the biggest hits. ...


Spank | Spike 800 Vibrocore Handlebar Black/white, 15Mm Rise, 800Mm Width | Aluminum


Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Handlebar beat the brake bumps Spanks new Spike 800 Vibrocore Handlebar gives you the best of both worlds-high stiffness at a low weight; terrific comfort and excellent strength. Developed with Spank's World Cup racers, these bars are built to combat the effects of arm pump and numbness. Injected with a complex foam core, they efficiently dampen high frequency vibrations to keep your hands and arms comfortable and strong. Revolutionary technology makes ...


Salsa | Rustler Carbon Riser Handlebar 31.8Mm, 750Mm, 15Mm Rise


SALSA RUSTLER CARBON RISER HANDLEBARWhatever your adventure, Rustler handlebars are tough, durable, and comfortable. Available in wide 750 or 800mm to offer the best control and plenty of room to mount accessories. Whether you are out exploring a new trail or devouring your favorite descent, they’ll help keep you in control and ready for the terrain ahead. Features Signature 11° back sweep, 6° up sweep, 15mm rise800mm and 750mm width options Graduated lines for easy ...


Salsa | Salt Flat Carbon Handlebar 31.8Mm, 750Mm


SALSA SALT FLAT CARBON HANDLEBARWhatever your adventure, Salt Flat Handlebars are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. Available in a wide 750 and 800mm options for the ultimate in control and the ability to mount accessories. Whether you are racing, riding laps at your local track, or exploring new trail for the first time, grab hold and let’r rip! Features Signature 11° back sweep, 6° up sweep, zero rise800mm and 750mm width options Graduated ends for easy ...


E.thirteen | Plus 35 Handlebar | Black | 800Mm, 20Mm Rise | Aluminum


E*THIRTEEN PLUS 35 HANDLEBARLOOK ON THE PLUS SIDECarbon fiber bars aren't the only handlebars that are lightweight. The E*Thirteen Plus 35 Handlebar is an incredibly lightweight bar that doesn't sacrifice durability. It features a 5° rise and a 9° backsweep as well as cut marks so you can cut the bars to your desired width. At only 280g, these will be perfect for XC and trail riding. Features Lightweight aluminum construction that doesn't sacrifice durability5° ...


Salsa | Salt Flat Deluxe Handlebar 31.8Mm, 750Mm | Aluminum


SALSA SALT FLAT DELUXE HANDLEBARHaving comfortable handlebars on your bike will keep you wanting to ride longer. The Salsa Salt Flat Handlebars are light, comfortable, and durable handlebars that are perfect for whatever type of adventure you want to go on. They're made from a lightweight and strong 7050 aluminum construction with a polished finish. They have graduated lines for easy trimming and a 31. 8mm bar clamp diameter with a 100mm width so you ...


Salsa | Guide 35.0 | Carbon | Handlebar | Carbon | 10Mm Rise, 800Mm Wide, 35.0Mm Diameter


Salsa Guide 35. 0 Carbon Handlebar The Salsa Guide 35. 0 Carbon Handlebar increases front-end strength and stiffness for more precise handling inputs. The carbon fiber construction keeps weight to a minimum and soaks up trail chatter. Pair these carbon mountain bike handlebars with our Guide Trail 35. 0 Stem and carve, drop, pump, and jump your way down the mountain with confidence. They’re available in 10, 20 and 40mm rise, as well as 780 ...


Truvativ | Descendant Dh 35 Handlebar | Black | 35.0Mm, 800Mm Wide, 25Mm Rise | Aluminum

$57.07 19% off $71.00 msrp

Truvativ Descendant Bar 35mm The new Descendant Bar by Truvativ is made to handle whatever the mountain throws at you. They’re big and burly, but still light enough to keep you nimble. The 35mm clamp makes for solid, smooth handling, and the 800mm width puts you in perfect position. A moderate 25mm rise and 5-degree upsweep give you excellent control. The subtle and stylish graphics are sleek without being too flashy, and the smooth finish ...


E.thirteen | Base 35 Handlebar | Black | 800Mm, 20Mm Rise | Aluminum


E*THIRTEEN BASE 35 HANDLEBARGOING BACK TO HOME BASEIf you're looking for an upgrade in handlebars, you can find an excellent bar without breaking the bank. The E*Thirteen Base 35 Handlebar is a lightweight aluminum handlebar that is incredibly durable for enduro, all-mountain, and trail riding. It features a 5° rise and a 9° backsweep. At only 400g, this will be an excellent upgrade to any mountain bike with stock handlebars. Features Aluminum construction means these ...


Chromag | Fubars Fu50 Handlebar | Black | 31.8Mm 50Mm Rise 800Mm | Aluminum


Chromag Fubars FU50 Handlebar Raising the bar Whether your launching off jumps or just need a bit more rise in your handlebars, the Chromag Fubars FU50 Handlebar has you covered. The FU50 bar is made from custom-drawn 7050 aluminum alloy for superior durability and low weight. Chromag uses their Variable Butting Technology, which is varying thickness at high stress points to give the bar extra strength where it is is needed, while keeping the weight ...


Ritchey | Wcs Trail Rizer Handlebar | Black | 20Mm Rise, 800Mm Width, 31.8, 9 Deg Sweep | Aluminum


Ritchey WCS Trail Rizer Handlebar Ritchey has been producing quality on and off-road biking components and frames for over forty years. Ritchey handlebars are designed with performance and reliability in mind, making for bars that are strong and lightweight. The Ritchey WCS Trail Rizer Handlebar features 20-30mm of rise and is made from 7075 aluminum alloy. Ritchey’s WCS Trail technology provides a more trail-oriented geometry by using 800mm wide bars that have 9-degree back sweep ...


E.thirteen | Race 35 Handlebar | Black | 800Mm, 20Mm Rise


E*Thirteen Race 35 Handlebar After many requests from their customers, E-thirteen now has an offering of both handlebars and stems. The Race 35 is the company's premier handlebar featuring a carbon fiber layup with two different rise options. It's ready for everything from trail riding to DH park laps. The Race 35Handlebar utilizes an engineered carbon layupanda 35mm clamp for ideal trail feel and fatigue reduction. With 9 degrees backsweep and 5 degrees upsweep, the ...


Truvativ | Descendant Dh 31.8 Handlebar | Black | 31.8Mm, 800Mm, 25Mm Rise, Alloy | Aluminum


Truvativ Descendant DH Handlebar Get ready to huck it, cause your next favorite downhill handlebar is here. The Truvativ Descendant DH Riser Handlebar is made from a durable 7050 aluminum alloy which maximizes strength while keeping the bar as lightweight as possible. This bar is 800mm wide but has integrated cut marks so you can cut the ends to customize your fit. Truvativ designed this bar to be stiff precise and durable so you can ...