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Deity | Deftrap Flat Pedals Yellow | Composite


DEITY DEFTRAP PLATFORM PEDALSHIGHEST-PERFORMANCE NYLON PEDALPedal choice plays a significant role in your performance and power transfer. Some riders will use clipless pedals, but sometimes having platform pedals is the better option. The Deity Deftrap Platform Pedals are some of the highest-performance nylon pedals ever designed. It features a non-offset symmetrical platform that offers added stability behind the spindle, a true concave pedal profile so your feet sink into it, 10 total ...


Deity | T-Mac Platform Pedals Black | Aluminum


Deity T-Mac PedalsYour Dream PedalThese Tyler McCaul signature pedals by Diety, the T-Mac, feature a huge 110mm x 105mm platform and an aggressive concave shape. The 6061 platform that measure only 14mm thin at the center spins on sealed bearings and a heat treated Cr-Mo spindle. 14 traction pins live on each side to ensure those feet stay firmly rooted and secured for the long journey up and over the biggest of hucks. REVIEWSPink Bike ...


Deity | Bladerunner Platform Pedals Orange | Aluminum


Deity Bladerunner PedalsBlade Runner 2: The Edge Of PedalWhether you're approaching a massive jump or rodeoing a jagged rock garden, gutsy riders are always striving to be epic, and like a good friend, your equipment should support that. Deity's components are intensively designed to beg you to be epic. As its name promotes, the Deity Bladerunner is extruded and machined from 6061 T6 aluminum to a slim 11mm profile. By ridding materials in key areas, ...


Deity | Black Kat Flat Pedals Blue | Aluminum


Deity Black Kat Pedals The Deity decoy pedal has been replaced by the Black Kat and are now lighter, thinner and feature a larger platform. They're composed from 6061 extruded aluminum and have a concave pedal body for improved grip. They have a fully serviceable design similar to the Decoy and Compound pedals. Features 6061 T6 Extruded Aluminum 100mm x 100mm platform | Deity | Black Kat Flat Pedals Blue | Aluminum