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Time | Speciale 8 Pedal Orange | Aluminum


TIME SPECIALE 8 PEDALSSUPER SPECIALE PEDALSClipping in while you're riding is one of the best ways to improve your pedaling power, efficiency, and control while riding. Not all pedals are designed the same though with some of them being higher quality than others. The Time Speciale 8 Pedals are high-quality enduro pedals directly inspired by the Special 12. They have a stable platform with four adjustable spikes that provide excellent grip, even when unclipped. They ...


OneUp Components | Aluminum Flat Pedals Black


Oneup Components Aluminum Flat PedalsClass-leading weight, size, and grip. The OneUP Aluminum Flat Pedals have been designed from stealth rubber down and given a very subtle convex profile giving you more grip as it allows the pedal to sit in the natural arch of your midfoot. This shape also creates a razor-thin leading edge and the best clearance for a given axle design. The smooth running DU and cartridge bearings offer serviceability and great value. ...


Spank | Oozy Trail Platform Pedals Blue | Aluminum


Spank Oozy Trail Pedals As the predecessor of the legendary Spike Pedals, the Oozy Trail Pedals have taken everything we have come to know and love about its older brother, and adapted them for a truly pioneering Trail and Enduro pedal design. Utilizing newly optimized forged tooling and weight-reducing CNC machining, and placing lighter traction pins, the Oozy Trail Pedal shave nearly 15% of the weight of the Spike. The Oozy uses a cold forged ...


HT Components | Ae03 Flat Pedals Marine Blue | Aluminum


HT Components Ae03 Bike PedalsHT has designed their line of high end pedals in response to the market looking for an alternative. The HT Components AE03 Pedals are light pedals that offer great traction and a spacious surface area with a crazy thin profile. They aren't just for weight weenies. With HT you're getting quality, with CNC-machining throughout and the highest quality hardware, these pedals are far beyond what you could imagine pedals could ever ...


HT Components | X2 Clipless Bike Pedals Oil Slick | Aluminum


HT Components X2 Pedals The newest alternative With riders like Aaron Gwin, Lopes, Brosnan and Jerome Clementz deciding to bolt HT components to their gravity rigs, be prepared to hear a lot more about this new alternative pedal that is the HT X2 pedal. A low profile extruded and CNC machined aluminum cage with five replaceable pins, spins on new EVO+ bearings and a Cr-mo spindle. The cleat retention system is adjustable, offers 4 degrees ...


Spank | Spoon Dc Platform Pedals Raw Silver | Aluminum


Spank Spoon DC Platform PedalsA balance of performance and priceSpank created the Spoon DC pedal to provide riders with an affordable option that still delivers great performance and durability. The pedals feature a large concave aluminum body with a concave pin configuration which provides exceptional traction and grip. The pedals spin around a strong chromoly axle with industrial bearings and IGUS bearings. Wrapping it all together, the pedals feature a mottled/grunge anodized finish to ...


Race Face | Atlas Platform Pedals Red | Aluminum


Race Face Atlas PedalRace Face Atlas pedal is an all new lightweight aluminum body pedal with an ultra thin double-concave wide platform. The new Altas pedals feature replacable bottom loading hex-headed traction pins and a chromoly spindle making them perfect for All Mountain trail riding but also strong enough to handle the abuse of Down Hill riding as well. Yet another solid product from Race Face with all the styling and performance expected from the ...


HT Components | ANS10 Supreme Flat Pedals Blue | Aluminum


HT Components Supreme Flat PedalsSupreme PerformanceThe HT Supreme Pedal was designed hand in hand with the Swedish Slopestyle Superstar Martin Soderstrom. The pedals feature a concave profile with 9 pins per side to keep your feet planted and secure. The pedal pins screw in from the backside of the pedal so they are super easy to replace or install if one gets grinded off by a rock. The 100 x 100mm platform gives your foot ...


Spank | Spike Platform Pedals Red | Aluminum


Spank Spike PedalsTrue Flat Platform • Concave Pin Pattern • Ultimate Grip and Adjustability!What Are They Saying?"The Spike Flat Pedal achieves an ultra-thin 12mm thickness without compromising a closed axle design or ultimate strength, by utilizing a cold forged pedal body and special scandium enriched, hollow taper steel axle, paired with a thin walled IGUS outboard bushing. The results are improved pedaling and cornering clearance, lowered center of gravity, reduced "pedal flip" effect, ...


Kona | Wah Wah 2 Alloy Flat Pedals Dark Green | Aluminum


KONA WAH WAH 2 ALLOY PEDALSClipping in while you're riding isn't always the best option when you're mountain biking. When you're doing more aggressive downhill, having the ability to quickly put your foot down can be beneficial. The Kona Wah Wah 2 Alloy Pedals are flat pedals that feature forged CNC alloy, sealed bearings, and DU bushings. They have 16 replaceable pins and have 100% serviceable bearings. These pedals will keep your feet planted whether ...


HT Components | T1 Clipless Bike Pedals Royal Blue | Aluminum


HT Components T1 PedalsAn all-out All-Mountain pedalHT has designed their line of high end pedals in response to the market looking for an alternative. Something light, full of features and durable. The HT T1 checks all those boxes. A low profile extruded and CNC machined aluminum cage with four replaceable pins, spins on new EVO+ bearings and a Cr-mo spindle. The cleat retention system is adjustable, offers 4 degrees of float and fits HT cleats ...


Hope Technology | F20 Platform Pedals Black | Aluminum

$148.50 10% off $165.00 msrp

Hope F20 Platform PedalsThe Hope F20 is a fully CNC machined platform pedals made from 2014 T6 Aluminum alloy. Perfect for scenarios when you'd rather not clip in, the F20 features 20 replaceable pins per pedal that provide excellent traction and grip. The rock solid platform is supported by a high strength Cr-mo, heat treated axle that delivers a sturdy, flex-free feel. On the downhill course, or the commute to work, the F20 grips where ...


HT Components | M1 Clipless Bike Pedals Stealth Black | Aluminum


HT COMPONENTS M1 CLIPLESS PEDALSOver the years HT components has been producing quality bicycle components with a focus on wheels and pedals. Because of their high quality, HT has gained a loyal following from riders and racers such as Aaron Gwin and Marcelo Gutierrez. This superior quality can be found in their M1 pedal. The M1 pedal will appeal to the cross country or trail rider that is looking for a high performing clipless pedal ...


CrankBrothers | Doubleshot Bike Pedals | Black | / Raw / Blue Spring | Steel

$81.00 9% off $89.99 msrp

Crankbrothers Doubleshot Pedals The good folks over at Crankbrothers have been busy. Their all new Double Shot pedals are causing some double-takes and represent the first ever hybrid pedal for their product line. Flat on one side. Clipless on the other. Great for an entry level rider or commuter who is not yet committed to clipless pedals or for the fatbike rider who sometimes has on bulky, non-clipless compatible boots. These pedals maintain Crankbothers legendary ...