A Complete Guide on How to Care for your E-bike

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E-Bikes are very different from traditional bikes. They offer something very special and have incredible ability. Having a motor and a battery gives the rider so much more capability and will allow you to go further and ride for longer. We absolutely love E-Bikes, but they do require a little more care and attention. In this article, we will give you the details on insider knowledge regarding E-bike maintenance, supplies, and tips.

In this article, we’ll teach you about:

Why it is Important to Maintain an E-Bike

E-Bike maintenance is vital in ensuring your E-bike operates properly and stays running smoothly. Looking after your E-Bike comes with some excellent advantages and can improve the experience of riding your bike greatly. Here's why it’s important to maintain your E-Bike.

  • It prolongs the life of the bike It’s vital to look after your E-Bike, not just for short-term gains but because it prolongs the life of the bike and means that instead of getting a year or two of use, you will get five to ten years of riding. The more you look after your bike, the less E-Bike repairs you will need to do when it comes down to it and the less E-Bike servicing that will need to be done overtime.
  • It stops it from breaking down When we’re out on a ride, the last thing we want is our bike breaking down. With a typical bike, you can get away with a lot of roadside repairs, but on an E-Bike, it is much more technical, and by doing your maintenance at home, you have much less chance of having issues on the road.
  • To improve the performance If you look after your bike, your bike will look after you. With Electric bikes, the more you look after them, the better they will perform, and we’re not just talking a few watts. We’re talking about a big noticeable difference.
  • Resale A well looked after electric bike will be worth a lot more in the future if you decide to upgrade. When looking at second-hand E-Bikes, people will be looking at how well they are maintained, and if you haven’t done the electric maintenance, the value can be heavily affected.

E-Bike Maintenance Supplies

Like with many things, we need specialist equipment to look after E-Bikes, and you would be surprised at what you are going to need.

E-Bike Maintenance Tips

Here are our top tips on keeping your E-Bike in the best shape possible. We recommend looking at Youtube videos if you are better at following the steps visually. If you are unsure, ask someone with experience.

Look after your Charger

Although this may seem like a self-explanatory step, it is so important. Chargers are not cheap to buy separately. If you break yours, they can be hard to find, and using an aftermarket charger with the same connection on the end can damage the bike's battery with incorrect voltage input. Many of us keep the bike in a garage, which tends to get dirty on your floor. If this is where you leave your charger, there it can pick up dirt in the connection. Many connections are also magnetic, so they pick up small bits of metal, and then these can damage the battery terminals.

Store the Electric Bike Properly

E-Bikes are incredibly powerful, and this comes from the battery, which does need to be stored properly when not in use. Although many manufacturers don’t mention this, the battery does need to be kept at a proper temperature. You should keep your bike between 32-68 Degrees Fahrenheit when being stored to prolong the battery's life. If you can’t keep the bike at that temperature as it’s in an outdoor shed or garage, remove the battery if possible and keep it in the house separately.

Keep the E-Bike Clean

Bikes are always going to work much better cleaner. When it comes to an electric bikes this is ecpesially true. A great example of this is the motor. Typically many bike motors use what they call a drainage valve, and if this is clogged, it can cause the motor to damage itself if left like this for a long time.

Lube the Chain with the correct Lube

E-Bikes are very powerful, and the tension that goes on to the chain with the leg power and motor puts so much pressure on the chain. Using the correct lube for an E-Bike will ensure that the chain will last longer and stays correctly lubricated while you're riding. Using the correct lube for dry or wet riding will also go long for performance and chain life.

Clean your Connections

As with any electric component with removable parts, like a battery, you must ensure the connections are in tip-top condition. The most common thing to go wrong with connections is corrosion, and that’s why we recommend corrosion defense. Using this as recommended on the connections to keep them in tip-top condition will help the bike in the long term.

Battery Charging

A very commonly asked question by E-bike users is when you should charge the bike. Some of the top experts at Bosch say that the best time to charge the bike is immediately after a ride. They also recommend the most optimum time to charge is when the battery is between 30% and 60%, as it helps prolong the life of the cells. Another great tip is never to let it fully drain to zero charge. Although most E-Bikes have protection in place, this isn’t good for the bike.

Ensure the Battery is Secure

Some batteries are internal and cannot be removed, but others can be, and because of this, they can become loose, rattle, or even can become stuck. This is awful for the connections, and it also means it can be challenging to remove. Some batteries can even be adjusted with an Allen key. We recommend ensuring it is nice and tight. Taking your battery off the bike and lubing the release mechanism is excellent for your bike and means it won’t get stuck in the future.

Checking your wires and sensors

Another thing that makes an electric bicycles very unique is its wires. These wires can get caught on things and snag very easily and cause the bike not to work properly. We recommend checking any external wires often to see if they are loose. Another part to look out for is the speed sensor. This will be a small metal contact on the wheel or disc and helps the bike get correct data. Making sure this is clean will help the bike get data and save you from getting any sensor errors.

Software Updates

Most E-Bikes now come with applications and will link wirelessly with your bike. Not only does this mean you can change settings and power, but it also means you can easily keep on top of the software updates. Software updates are vital for the bike, and the best way to understand them is as the bike's brain. The manufacturer every so often needs to change the way the bike thinks for it to work properly, and instead of you needing to go to a local bike shop to do this, it can be done through your phone. Ensure to open the application up every so often to ensure you are up to date.

E-Bike Maintenance FAQs

When Should I charge my E-Bike?

The best time to charge is right after a ride and after you clean it. Nothing is going to hurt the bike if you charge it the day before a ride or even two days before a ride if you wanted to.

How long will a battery last?

As far as riding goes, it depends on the size of the battery and how much power you're using, which greatly differs between brands. As far as the long term, if you look after a battery, you could get 5-10 years worth of life or even more. If you don’t look after a battery, it might just last 1-2 years.

Can I change E-Bike wires myself?

Providing you feel confident and know what you're doing, there’s nothing wrong with changing a wire yourself. We recommend using the correct tools and replacing it with a compatible wire. If you are unsure of how to do the job, check with your local bike shop.

Can I Pressure Wash an E-Bike?

Although electric bikes are waterproof and all the units, such as the motor and battery, are sealed units, it’s not wise to pressure wash them as you are mixing high power water pressure and high power electrics. If you do plan to use a pressure washer on any bike, ensure the pressure is very low, and you are very careful.

How often do I need to Update my E-Bike Software?

When new updates come out, it isn’t urgent that they need updating instantly, but checking every few weeks is ideal. Typically, most companies will send a notification to your email, application, or even a message if it is urgent to update.

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