How to Install Disc Brake Pads

Ride a little too hard this weekend? Shrug off that Manic Monday and make it a Mechanic Monday; your source for basic fix-it bits and maintenance tips. After all, your next ride is quickly approaching!

Get your braking power back

If your disc brakes don’t seem to have the same bite that they used to, one potential reason could be that your pads have worn out. Don’t fret! Replacing your brake pads is a simple process that only takes a few minutes per wheel. You’ll want to make sure that you order the correct pads for your specific brake, and there are a few common tools that you will need to complete the process.

In this video, our head shop mechanic, Seth, will show you how this is done on a set of Avid disc brakes. Don’t have Avid brakes? Not to fear. The process is almost identical for every brand of brakes out there. The most common difference is the tool needed for removing the pad retention pin. If you are unsure of the pads and tools you will need give our Gear Advisors a holler, and they will get you setup with everything you need to put a stop to bad braking.

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