Endless exploring, overnight adventures, rough backroads and gravel trails, there are a lot of ideas about what gravel is. What isn't in doubt is that a gravel bike needs to do them all with control, speed and comfort but above all with a thirst for fun. Designed from the ground up for gravel, Terra isn't a repurposed road bike or a slimmed down mountain bike. Add comfort to your road adventures, finally discover where that dirt trail leads or let your trips spread overnight. There is a wide world out there and Terra is ready to explore it with you. Want to know more? Scroll down to dive into all the features and details of Orbea's new bike.

Orbea's Official Terra Launch Press Release:

Orbea launches the new Terra to conquer the gravel

  • Orbea presents the new Terra, a bicycle designed from scratch for the gravel enthusiast , for those who like to ride on demanding surfaces, with maximum control and safety while exploring unpredictable paths.
  • Terra is more capable, comfortable and precise. It can be personalized just how you like it and according to the terrain you’re riding, making it your best friend when the roads get rough.

Since Orbea launched the Terra model in 2017, the gravel scene has taken off and evolved at an unstoppable speed. Its use has increased considerably by those who are seeking a good time and understand cycling from a new perspective.

As a result of this evolution and having listened to the market, Orbea designed a new model that will delight gravel fans: a fast, comfortable bike on asphalt that is still efficient and easy to ride on gravel and ready for some light bikepacking. All of this without sacrificing performance: it’s not a competition bike, but it doesn’t sacrifice the fun that comes from speed.

Gravel from the ground up

Orbea’s motto for the launch of the Terra has been Gravel from the Ground Up, because it’s a project that started with a blank slate in terms of materials, geometry and components to come up with a model that met the goals in terms of both fun and capability.

Its design aims to satisfy three types of people: the true gravel rider, who likes long days in the saddle and wants speed, comfort and efficiency no matter what the surface is. The explorer, those people who love to get lost looking for new paths and backroads. And finally, the adventurer, who seeks out long routes while bikepacking or exploring new places they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access.

A more capable Terra

Orbea says this bike is more capable, covering a wide range of uses. It can be completely customized for different terrains. Thanks to its options for personalization, its geometry was designed for comfort and precision. No matter where you are, you can configure it however you like to make it a perfect fit for you. .

Proof of its capacity is the ability to mount 700c wheels with tires as wide as 45 mm when we want speed and efficiency on bumpy roads. Or 650B wheels with tires of up to 50 mm, if what we want is durability, traction and extreme comfort, particularly recommended for light bikepacking.

Just the opposite of most gravel bicycles, Terra’s specific frame allows a wide range of brackets and tires without sacrificing wheel arch. Its design with asymmetrical chainstays means you can choose whatever tooth configuration you want for a 1X or 2X drive-train , where the small chainring can have a diameter as large as 34T.

Comfort and control in every circumstance

The gravel discipline means that today you’re riding on the road and trails, and tomorrow on dirt and gravel. Your bicycle needs to be comfortable and give you the control you need in any of these situations.

To pull this off, Orbea has worked meticulously to adjust the rigidity of the frame and thus ensure the rider’s comfort, regardless of the terrain that lies ahead. Its shorter seat tube at a more relaxed angle permits adequate flex of the 27.2 mm seatpost mounted on it.

The amount of material in the seat tube and bottom bracket has been adjusted to provide just the right amount of rigidity. The Terra also has a specific, longer fork that helps absorb impacts and vibrations from a wide variety of terrain.


Specific geometry for gravel

From this blank slate came an entirely revamped geometry, making the bike longer and taller and giving the rider an optimal position of precision and control in all 6 sizes available, ranging from XS to XXL.

The chainstays were shortened to 420 mm to optimize agility and acceleration. The height of the bottom bracket was lowered to 78 mm for greater stability and control on fast, uneven terrain. To make it more manageable, the new Terra has a longer reach, combined with shorter stems and an optimized head angle, resulting in a specific trail length for each size.

Everything you need with you

Lockr is what Orbea calls the storage space designed for the new Terra. A port in the frame lets you store a spare tube, pump, a Co2 cartridge or tools.

In addition to space for two bottle holders on all sizes, the frame has a ton of anchoring points to meet your every need: under the diagonal tube for accessories and on the through axles for any kind of fenders, ensuring a wheel arch of up to 35 mm.

The wiring is another characteristic that received a lot of attention in the form of a clean, attractive and quiet solution that is perfectly compatible with carrying bags on the frame or handlebars for light bikepacking adventures.

The power of personalization

The Terra range has seven carbon models in three different base colors. This makes Orbea’s personalization offer the most complete on the market: your choice of a single chainring, double chainrings, electronic, mechanical, Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo, Vittoria or Pirelli tires, ergonomic adjustments and your choice of colors. Orbea’s offering is so meticulously thought-out, that it's hard to find such a variety in any other gravel bike.

The handlebars are key on gravel. In this case, Orbea offers you handlebars with a flare of either a 12 or 16º.The OC Gravel handlebars with a 12º flare provide stability and control downhill and are available in compact and double height versions for a more relaxed position. If you're looking for handlebars with greater flare, there’s always the Easton EC90, with a 16º flare.

The Terra will be available to riders starting in late fall!

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