Mechanic Monday: How To Install A Tube

Ride a little too hard this weekend? Shrug off that Manic Monday and make it a Mechanic Monday; your source for basic fix-it bits and maintenance tips. After all, your next ride is quickly approaching!

Get your ride back in commission

Whether you clock in 300 miles a week or 3 miles a month, it only takes a single thorn, glass shard, nail or any other sharp foreign object to cause a flat tire. In actuality, the term “flat tire” is not accurate (unless your tires are tubeless), but rather a “flat tube.” You should know that though experiencing a punctured tube mid-ride is no doubt a buzz-kill, it is an inevitable part of riding a bike, and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, at some point it will. Don’t fret. When the time comes (again), all it takes is a few simple tools and a little patience to get your ride back in commission. Watch as our head shop mechanic Seth, demonstrates how to remove and replace a tube.

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