Review: Yeti SB140 Mountain Bike

Not many bikes boast a playful nature, carry enough suspension to take the big hits, and can sprint up every hill with ease. The SB140 is ready to tackle all aspects of mountain biking. Born from the ashes of EWS victories and a deep heritage in downhill racing, the SB140 has a desire for gravity and a passion for adventures.

Let me introduce you to the 2020 Yeti SB140, the Colorado company’s new and redesigned 27.5” all-mountain trail shredder. The bike is mild mannered and controlled in almost all terrain, but it gets rowdy when under a certain type of rider. It jumps when it could stay planted and doesn’t always color inside the lines.

The 27.5” wheels give the bike a playful nature and the 65-degree head angle gives the bike an aggressive, yet capable stance. The Switch Infinity suspension platform provides excellent small bump sensitivity along with a proper platform for pedaling. Is the SB140 a trail slayer? Yes. Is it a worthy climber? Yes again. Is it an all-around fun bike? Absolutely.


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