TLD Apparel: Skyline, Flowline, and Ruckus

The Troy Lee Designs Flowline, Skyline and Ruckus collections represent TLD’s most trail-ready apparel series and all share features that bring you from the trail to the town in comfort and style. While they all have in common the legendary Troy Lee Designs DNA, the differences lie in the materials used, price point and intended style of riding.

All three of these collections from Troy Lee Designs feature TLD's Ride Fit, which is designed for durability and comfort. With a generally more relaxed cut, more robust fabrics and a versatile, multifunctional feature set, they are the ultimate in do-anything MTB apparel. No matter your style of riding, TLD's apparel is designed to comfortably accommodate riders of any type, on any type of trail. To top it off, all three collections all feature Bluesign® Approved fabrics, for a high level of sustainability throughout the textile supply chain.

In this article, we'll teach you about:

TLD Skyline Collection

Focus: Trail

  • Race Day Ready
  • High Performance, Lightweight Fabrics
  • Thoughtful Technical Features

TLD’s best-selling line, Skyline, balances versatility and race-ready performance with off-bike style and comfort. This apparel series incorporates performance-oriented, lightweight fabrics and more technical features for technical riding. The Skyline series ratchets up the performance for when the riding gets a bit more serious, without losing sight of off-bike styling and versatility.

More from the TLD Skyline Series

There is a reason why TLD's Skyline series is amongst the most popular on the trails. Encompassing shorts, pants, short and long-sleeved jerseys and youth apparel, the Skyline series is sure to have something for every rider in your life.

TLD Flowline Collection

Focus: Trail

  • Casual Styling
  • Budget Friendly
  • On & Off Bike Comfort

Troy Lee Design's Flowline collection sports a set of features intended to take you from the trail to the post-ride hangout in equal comfort. With Flowline you can expect a wallet-friendly price point, clean aesthetics and casual design, all without skimping on the legendary TLD on-bike performance—letting you comfortably ride, hang or both.

More from the TLD Flowline Series

The Flowline series incorporates short and long sleeve jerseys, shorts and gloves. With its causal-styled apparel and often colorful designs, the TLD Flowline series should be your go-to for trail riding and post-ride socials.

TLD Ruckus Collection

Focus: Trail and Enduro

  • Highly Durable
  • Casual Styling
  • Gravity Oriented On Bike Performance

For when things get rowdy, the Ruckus lineup is built to handle any of it. This trail and enduro-focused TLD collection strikes a balance between the gravity race-oriented Sprint collection and the more casual Skyline. With plenty of durability and breathability, the Ruckus will hold up to many seasons of regular use in rugged terrain. The Ruckus collection is for riders who need robust performance, without looking out of place when the ride doesn’t end with standing at the top of a podium.

More from the TLD Ruckus Series

Loud and rowdy, the Ruckus line is an aptly named apparel series designed for trail and enduro riding. With short-sleeved and 3/4-length jerseys, as well as shorts, the Ruckus series was designed to shred.

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