HOW-TO VIDEO: Handlebar Position | The Perfect Cockpit Set Up

While your bike cockpit setup is going to be based on personal preferences and body geometry, there are some key factors that will give you the ideal setup to get the most out of your riding. World Cup downhill racer, Aaron Gwin, shares his top tips on dialing in your cockpit. Learn from a legend on what to do and what not to do when adjusting your handlebars, stem, brake levers, and grips.

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Here is a basic step-by-step tutorial on how I set up my handlebar, brake levers, and grip positioning to achieve the perfect cockpit set up. (Shout out to my wife for filming this!)

Bonus Tip : Once you find your preferred set up and are comfortable, I would recommend marking the bar and lever positioning in a way that will allow you to find that setting again should you take your bike apart or need to change something out. I make small marks with a sharpie.

// Aaron Gwin


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