Kendall vs. Kendall Podcast

Episode 21: Hot or Not - Hardtails and Single Speeds?

We, at Jenson USA, love a good podcast nearly as much as we love spending time on our bikes, so it seemed like divine intervention when our own Seth Kendall paired up with Jeff Kendall-Weed to do an "all things bike" podcast. In the Kendall vs. Kendall podcast, Seth and Jeff dive into the bike industry, hot new trends and products, influential riders, and tips for becoming a better rider. Take a listen and get to know these two bike geeks. You can listen to our episodes using the player below or subscribe using the links to your favorite player.

Full suspension bikes seem to be all the rage in the MTB world, but should you be looking to the past for simpler ride at your center? We think the answer is a resounding “yes and no, but definitely kind of!” That’s because modern hardtails forego the suppleness of rear suspension, but may have more in common with their double squishy counterparts than they do with their old school hardtail ancestors. In this episode of Kendall vs Kendall, we delve into the details of modern hardtails and single speeds to help you decide if they are the right fit for you. We cover a lot of ground in this episode from geometry to materials, gearing to setup, ride regions and hardtail bikes that make our hearts pitter patter. Come along for the ride!




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