No one likes constantly pulling up their pants while they’re walking around. If your pants are fitting a little loose, then it is time to get a belt. Belts are designed to go through belt loops to hold your pants up. Belts come in different styles like with holes or clips. Belts have been around for hundreds of years now and have been preventing shorts and pants from having technical difficulties ever since. Not only have belts been fighting the forces of gravity for many years, they have also been used to provide an extra layer of style and coolness to your wardrobe. Many riders don’t just want to have cycling apparel for riding but want all things bicycle. For those riders that want all things bike, there are many brands like Dakine, Fix, and SpaceCraft that make some the highest-quality belts. These belts are made from excellent materials like durable nylon and some of them with bottle openers located behind the buckle. This means you can conveniently have those after-ride drinks. Don’t just keep your pants up, keep them up in style. If you’re trying to keep your pants up, let our Gear Advisors know. They’re all about fighting gravity, whether on the bike or off the bike. Email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.