Cycling Sandals



When you think of cycling footwear, sandals don’t pop into your head. Sandals are usually reserved for light hiking, days at the beach, and walks around town on summer nights. When I tell you there are sandals designed for cycling, you are probably wondering what makes it different than other sandals. Cycling sandals are most similar to dual strap hiking sandals made by companies such as Teva. These sandals feature wide, stable, and stiff rubber soles which provide proper support necessary for hiking. A cycling sandal has a stiff rubber sole along with a bolt pattern underneath that accepts SPD cleats which work with Shimano SPD compatible clip-in pedals. With SPD sandals, you can achieve the efficiency of the SPD system in a comfortable casual design. Ride your SPD equipped bike to the beach or grocery store without having to throw on your cycling specific socks and shoes.

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