Road Bike Frames

Step one to building up the perfect road bike is finding the perfect road bike frame. offers a diverse selection of road bike frames in a variety of materials from some of the top brands in the game. This section is also home to drop-bar bikes that go beyond paved roads including cyclocross, gravel and touring bikes. From pro-level carbon-fiber race machines to purpose-built adventure bikes, we have lots of choices for all different budgets.

The bike frame is the foundation of your machine, the backbone to which all other parts — wheels, fork, handlebars, saddle and so on — are attached. The first thing to think about when considering your options is what type of riding you do most. If you’re looking to race (or at least race against friends on the road or on Strava), you’ll be focusing on weight, stiffness, and efficiency. Racing bike frames traditionally have sharp handling and are designed for maximum efficiency and power transfer. They’re built to climb, sprint and corner with speed — but not necessarily with a comfort-first approach.

Another category of road frames that has gained popularity in recent years is “endurance road.” These frames typically have more relaxed geometry with more upright rider positioning. They’re well-suited to long days in the saddle and less-than-perfect roads, yet they can still be impressively lightweight and efficient. These are the frames you’re likely to see at gran fondo type rides. Beyond race and endurance/sport road frames, there are more specialized choices including triathlon/time trial, cyclocross, and gravel bikes.

One of the main considerations when shopping for a new road frame is the type of frame material. The main choices are steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. Race bikes tend to be either carbon fiber or aluminum, both of which can be lightweight and stiff. Carbon fiber bike frames can be shaped and tuned for specific ride properties, targeting aerodynamics, efficiency, comfort or some combination of all three, depending on what matters most to you. Metal frame options (steel, titanium or aluminum) can be great options for touring, gravel, recreational or urban-oriented road bikes.

We carry a wide selection of road frames from top brands such as Colnago, Ritchey, Kona, Niner, Argon 18, and Willier Triestina. Find yours today and take that first step to building your dream machine. If you have any questions give one of our expert Gear Advisors a call today at 888-880-3811.