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SRAM XG-1150 GX 11 Speed Cassette
SAVE 23 %
MSRP $130.00
Award Winner
SRAM Red 22 Rim Brake/Shifter
SAVE 51 %
MSRP $508.00
SRAM Force CX1 BB30 Crankset
SAVE 32 %
MSRP $249.00
Award Winner
SRAM Centerline Rotor
From $35.95
SAVE 27 %
MSRP $49.00
Award Winner
SRAM PC-X1 11 Speed Chain
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $31.00
Award Winner
SRAM XG-1195 X01 11 Speed Cassette
SAVE 31 %
MSRP $369.00
Award Winner
SRAM GX 1X11 Speed Rear Derailleur
From $96.95
SAVE 16 %
MSRP $115.00
Award Winner
SRAM Pro Brake Bleed Kit
SAVE 12 %
MSRP $95.00
Award Winner
SRAM PG-1070 10 Speed Cassette
From $71.99
SAVE 29 %
MSRP $101.00
Award Winner
SRAM X01 X-Sync Chainring
From $49.99
SAVE 37 %
MSRP $79.00
Award Winner
SRAM XO Rear Disc Hub
From $179.99
SAVE 51 %
MSRP $364.00
Award Winner
SRAM Red 22 BB30 Crankset
From $399.00
SAVE 12 %
MSRP $453.00
Award Winner
SRAM X01 Eagle BB30 Boost Crankset
SAVE 16 %
MSRP $415.00
SRAM Rival 1 Type 3.0 Rear Derailleur
From $97.95
SAVE 15 %
MSRP $115.00
Award Winner
SRAM Eagle X-Sync 2 Oval DM Chainring
From $101.99
SAVE 14 %
MSRP $119.00
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SRAM got started a few decades later than most of the other big-name cycling giants they’re often compared to. Sparing that, though, they wasted no time mastering the art of making reliable components. The ambition and tenacity expressed by SRAM as they fought for recognition as one of the top component companies of cycling is a good indication of how intent they were on making great stuff. SRAM’s early leverage in the cycling industry came from their pioneering spirit. They were the first to design and create the grip shift, or, at the time, “twist shift” system.

By 1995, they had introduced their first mountain bike rear derailleur. It was a simple and reliable device, with a cable actuation ratio of 1:1, and compatibility with their unique grip shift system. Six years later, they established the XO line. It was a complete redesign of their previous ESP system, vastly improving performance. Since then, they’ve continued to strive for the cutting edge. Most recently, their SRAM RED eTap electronic shifting system, and their 12-speed Eagle drivetrain.

SRAM’s progressive effect on cycling has been apparent through the components they’ve made. But their reach in the cycling world goes beyond making good parts. They’ve also sponsored organizations like World Bicycle Relief, and started the SRAM Cycling Fund to advocate for cyclists, the industry, and bicycle infrastructure. With a storied past, and a knack for making exemplary components, SRAM has propelled its way to the forefront of cycling.