Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

Santa Cruz bicycles was founded back in 1994 in a space that was about the space of single car garage. It was the vision of the founder, skateboard legend Rob Roskopp to create bikes that weren’t bound by any of the trends of the time. He could see that full suspension bikes were an innovation whose time had come, therefore Santa Cruz’s first bike the Tazmon was born. The Tazmon was a single pivot dual suspension bike that showed how effective dual suspension could be in variety conditions. Since then Santa Cruz has been dedicated to building bikes that allow riders to go further, faster, and higher.

Now Santa Cruz is known for manufacturing a wide range of high performance bicycles for true cycling enthusiasts. From versatile aluminum hardtails like the Chameleon to full carbon shred sleds like the V10, Santa Cruz is sure to have a bike to perfectly match your riding style. All of Santa Cruz’s full suspension bikes utilize their advanced VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) technology. This technology allows their bikes to demonstrate extremely efficient pedaling while still providing small bump compliance and a bottomless feel while attacking larger obstacles. Each bike is hand assembled in their California factory and are available in a wide variety of component and suspension to suit your riding style and budget.

For Santa Cruz carbon fiber is the material of choice when manufacturing bicycles. This is not because it just looks cool and everyone is doing it, but because they can use it to build the most durable and high-performance bicycles on the market. They are so certain of this that they are willing to back their frames with an anxiety reducing lifetime warranty. Santa Cruz’s carbon frames are manufactured in their exclusive factory (Skybox). They founded this manufacturing facility their selves because they wanted to be able to control how their designs were produced, to ensure quality control, and to make sure the advancements they designed remained proprietary to them. What’s more, if something needs improving, they have the capacity and capability to change it, before it gets into your hands. And that is why Santa Cruz riders suffer no missed rides.

Santa Cruz carbon frames are available in two different levels of carbon, Carbon C and Carbon CC. Carbon CC frames (signified by CC in the bike title) feature a higher modulus and more expensive carbon than the Carbon C frames (signified by C in the bike title). A higher modulus carbon is stiffer than a lower modulus carbon. So, to achieve the same level of strength and stiffness using a lower modulus carbon, the lower-priced Carbon C frames are constructed with more carbon material. Because of this, Carbon C frames are typically 250-280 grams heavier than Carbon CC frames. Even though the frames contain a different amount of carbon material, they share the same strength, stiffness, and durability.

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