Kids Ride Shotgun Seat

Most parents who ride bikes can't wait to share their love of cycling with their children. The new Kids Ride Shotgun Seat gives parents a safe, effective and fun way to show their kids the adrenaline-based excitement cycling bestows on all of us. Your child gets to sit safely between your arms, hands on the handlebars, while you cruise down your favorite trail or road.

Having kids doesn't mean you have to cut back on your riding time. You can easily take your child with you on your bike ride so they can experience the joys of cycling. The Kids Ride Shotgun Shotgun Seat is a front-mounted child seat that mounts on your frame and is perfect for kids 2 to 5 years old. It has full rubber protection for alloy or carbon frames, adjustable width and angle to all mountain bikes, and a quick-release fitting for easy installation and removal.

The Shotgun fits top tubes from 35mm to 68mm wide, and downtubes from 35mm to 100mm wide. The benefits of having a front-mounted child seat are that is centers the weight distribution on your bike, is suitable for full-suspension bikes, provides visibility of what's ahead and active participation, and grants the ability to interact with your child. So don't leave your child at home, take them with you with the Shotgun Seat.


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