Review: Hayes Dominion A2 Disc Brake

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes the key to going faster is braking better. Having a pair of trustworthy brakes gives you control when descending fast and allows you to brake later into corners. We found the new Hayes Dominion A2 brakes provided us with great confidence while riding.

Hayes gave us the opportunity to test out their new Dominion A2 brakes. Right off the bat, one of our favorite features was the tool-free reach adjust and bite adjust. With these adjustments, you can tune both brakes to feel exactly the same even after one set of pads wear down. Another cool and unique feature are the set screws that press against the caliper bolts which allows you to easily center your disc rotor within the brake.

The same as SRAM brakes, The Hayes Dominion A2 uses Dot 5.1 fluid which has a high boiling point. This means the brake's performance doesn't diminish on long continuous descents. We felt the Dominion had more modulation than Shimano brakes and less modulation than SRAM brakes. If you are looking for that sweet spot of modulation, these brakes might be perfect for you. A final touch we really enjoyed was the fact that the caliper has two bleed ports. This allows you to bleed both sides of the caliper separately ensuring you get that perfect bleed.


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