Review: Yeti SB150 Mountain Bike

The SB150 was the Colorado company’s first true long-travel 29er. Yeti claims that as soon as you throw a leg over the SB150, you will notice that it rides very similar to nothing. It rides bigger, climbs better, and is an all-around shredding machine. Looking for a 29” race bike? The SB150 thrives on racing. Born from the grueling downhill tracks of EWS racing, Yeti wanted to create a bike that could handle the toughest trails but could still pedal you to the top with ease. The SB150 is efficient whether you are pushing up a climb or sprinting down a descent.

Some will say the SB150 is too slack, too low, too different, and that’s fine. The bike isn’t for everyone. The SB150 is for racers and weekend warriors alike who want to push the envelope of what is capable on an aggressive 29er. For this bike to reach its potential, it must be pushed. If you like pushing bikes to their absolute limit, you will fall in love with the SB150. With 150mm of rear travel provided by Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension platform and a 170mm fork, attack every trail with more confidence then you ever thought possible.

If you are in the market for a new bike that thrives on the downhill but can also handle every climb with ease, the Yeti SB150 should be your next bike. Born to meet the demands of rigorous EWS racing, the SB150 can handle any trail out there. Get yourself a bike with no limits. Get yourself an SB150.


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