Interested in Getting a Mullet?? Take a Look at the Juliana Furtado and Roubion!

Any of you ladies interested in getting a mullet? Mullet bikes are becoming more and more prominent in the industry today, creating a brand new option for riders looking for a bike that fits their riding style. Juliana has followed suit and added a mix-wheeled setup to their current generation Furtado and Roubion. A mullet setup has a lot of benefits for those looking for stability and traction while still maintaining the playful nature of the smaller rear wheel… in other words, a mullet bike offers the best of both worlds. Although both of these bikes are mulleted and share a lot of the same parts, these bikes are built for two different types of riding so we tossed a video together to explain what they are built for. It is not to say that one is incapable of doing what the other does, but the geometry and part spec helps make them more purpose built and ready for different levels of terrain.


With so many choices of bikes you can choose to purchase, not all of them are made to fit every rider out there. Some bikes may be too progressive, some too long, some too short, etc. When a bike comes from the factory, it may not be totally suitable for the rider which leads to more money coming out of pocket to help tailor a more fitting ride. Luckily, there are brands out there who know this is a problem so they make adjustments from the factory to help better fit their customer base. One of these brands is Juliana Bicycles. With the women’s segment growing within the sport (WE LOVE TO SEE IT!), Juliana is addressing some issues that women may have when looking for a new bike. In fact, Juliana easily makes some of the best women-specific bikes available on the market today. A lot of people look at Juliana Bicycles and think that they are carbon copies of Santa Cruz Bicycles, but there are some tweaks that make them a great candidate for many women looking to get a new bike to hit the trails on. But what makes a Juliana Bicycle so unique? Tune in to find out.


Join Jenson USA Gear Advisor Pro Ethan as he goes over Juliana’s Furtado and Roubion! If you are interested in picking up a Juliana bicycle, or anything else that we carry, you can contact our Head Advisor Pro Ethan directly at

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