I'm a die hard flat pedal mountain biker and have a long list of the top-rated flat pedal shoes to match. For my day-to-day rides, those will always be my go-to shoes. My life, however, is filled with a fair bit of traveling whether it be for work, flying/driving to ride destinations, or just getting out camping with the family. The few things that all these trips have in common is that I like to pack light and I always try to combine some outdoor activities with the trip like biking, hiking, and/or running. In the past, that meant packing at least 2 pairs (or more) of shoes to address my needs of daily footwear, biking shoes, and hiking/running. Years ago, I picked up some Five Ten Access shoes, and my travel shoe game completely changed for the better. Five Ten had combined the comfort/looks/weight of a trainer shoe with some of the grip/support of a MTB flat pedal shoe. I, now, had 1 shoe that I could take on my trips that would cover my walkaround, bike, and hiking/running needs. After many long years, those shoes needed replacing and I've recently followed them up with their successors, the Trailcross LT shoes. Read on for my review of these new do-all shoe contenders.

My favorite Five Ten Accent shoes are finally reaching the end of their life after many, many years, and it's time to find their replacements. I was a bit worried because they weren't listed in 5.10's lineup. In their place, was the Trailcross series of shoes which looked similar but not identical. They come in a wide variety of styles but I'm not a high-top fan, so I chose the low-top version, and picked up a new pair at the beginning of a recent 10-day trip to the Sea Otter Classic.

PRO TIP: I tend to find that I have to size down a half size with Adidas/Five Ten shoes versus most of my other shoes.

It's always a big risk to buy new shoes for a trip that will be filled with a lot of walking/standing, but my foot immediately felt at home and never had any hot spots or need for a break-in period. I have a high arch with a relatively wide toe box and my feet fit perfectly in these shoes. I don't think the toe-box is extra wide, instead I think the soft style construction allows the shoe to work for multiple feet shapes.

The Access shoe I originally had was arguably a better all-around shoe but in the jack-of-all, master-of-none sort of way. The new Trailcross gives up some of it's running comfort for a much improved on-bike feel/support and a tougher construction to withstand trail abrasion from biking/hiking. The split sole at the toe is noticeably beneficial for hiking/running/walking since the aft portion feels more stiff than the previous shoe. That stiffness makes this a much more confident shoe when riding flat pedals.

Trailcross Shoe Details

  • Lace closure; Lace bungee allows for a quick and easy fit
  • High-abrasion mesh upper for added protection
  • Stealth® rubber outsole for unbeatable grip; Pro-Moderator medial and lateral support
  • Lightweight EVA midsole; Breathable mesh lining for added comfort and breathability


The Trailcross shoes are a solid performer both on and off the bike, so what would I change about these? Well, I wish they came in a vegan leather option both for look and function like my current Five Ten Access shoes that I have loved so much. The new shoe looks much more like a trail runner than a casual trainer shoe, and I liked that the old look worked so well with daily wear. I'm still very impressed with the Trailcross shoes and would highly recommend them, but I've got my fingers crossed that a vegan leather version is coming soon.


+ Allows me to travel with a single pair of shoes for biking, hiking, running and daily wear

+ Better support and grip than the previous 5.10 Access shoes

+ Good looking trail runner style shoe for on and off the bike

+ Lightweight, very comfortable, and breathable

+ Available in many different styles to meet your needs

+ Has a stretchy loop to keep the tongue from slipping and to hold your laces in place


- The increased stiffness made them slightly less comfortable for running/hiking than the previous Access shoe.

- Currently, no option for a leather version

- Not quite as casual looking as the previous Access shoe

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