Best Flat Pedals at Any Budget

No Matter Your Budget, We’ve Got a Flat Pedal for You.

There are numerous reasons to choose to put flat pedals on your bike(s). Platform pedals help you to build good skills and techniques while still providing that ability bail out quickly, if needed. Combined with a quality flat pedal shoe, these pedals provide heaps of grip and a huge platform to keep you riding longer and charging harder with confidence and comfort. We’ve put together this guide of best flat pedals at every budget to help you find the right platform pedals to put under your feet.


Under $50 Winner

These pedals may be some of the most affordable pedals available, but they perform like pedals that carry a much heftier price tag.  Made from composite material, these pedals will take a beating without showing much wear.  They also tend to slide over rocks and obstacles relatively well.  There shape is a touch on the convex side, allowing your foot to wrap around the spindle just a bit.  For riders who prefer a concave shape, check out the runner-up option from Race Face.  These large platforms are relatively thin, features a chamfered edge to reduce strikes, and have gobs of grip when pair with a proper flat pedal shoe.  Riding on DU and cartridge bearings makes the OneUp Components Composite Pedal easily serviceable, reliable, and proper good deal. 




  • 40 rear loading threaded pins with nyloc nuts
  • DU plus cartridge bearing axle system offers serviceability and value
  • Thin leading edge chamfered design to deflect off obstacles
  • Wide platform design for increased stability
  • Contoured shape provides ultimate connected feel
  • PLATFORM SIZE - 114x105mm
  • PLATFORM PROFILE - Convex, 13.3-18.5-13.3mm
  • AXLE MATERIAL - Black chromoly steel
  • BEARING/BUSHING - DU plus cartridge bearing axle system
  • PINS - 20 steel pins/pedal
  • BODY MATERIAL - Nylon Composite
  • WEIGHT - 355G approx.


Great pedals
I got these to try out flat pedals since they are cheaper than most other similar alloy flat pedals and I honestly don’t think there is any need to upgrade anytime soon. Don’t let the composite body scare you, I have used these pedals for 6 months and had lots of rock strikes and abuse and they keep taking it. They are super grippy combined with fiveten shoes also.

-Nick J, Pennsylvania, PA


$50 - $100 Winner

Spank’s alloy Spoon pedals are a bit of a underdog story. Following in their older sibling’s (Spank Spike Pedals) footsteps, the Spoon pedals are more focused towards modern trail riding, but will hold up to some proper gravity rides. They are strong, light, and come in a few sizes to best fit varying foot sizes. 20 steel pins provide loads of grip, and a cold forged chromoly steel axle riding on IGUS bushings and sealed bearings makes for a very confident basis for taking on whatever the trails have on tap. These feature a concave profile letting your shoe rest into it’s grip. Reliability and serviceability are top notch with these mid-pack priced gems.




  • Forged chromoly axle delivers strength and durability
  • Concave profile cradles foot for comfort and grip
  • Available in size 90, 100, 110 to accommodate different foot sizes
  • Shot-peened and anodized  to improve fatigue life
  • Available in several colors to match your style
  • PLATFORM SIZE - 90x105mm, 100x105mm, 110x105mm
  • PLATFORM PROFILE - Concave, 16-12-16mm
  • AXLE MATERIAL - Cold forged chromoly steel
  • BEARING/BUSHING - Industrial sealed bearing, IGUS bushing
  • PINS - 20 steel pins/pedal
  • BODY MATERIAL - MGR extruded alloy body, CNC optimized
  • WEIGHT - 360G to 420G depending on size


Best pedals under 100… EVER…
Very good name brand pedals at a price that can not be beaten… they have a slight concave to the pedals that just keep them stuck to your feet!

-Moya Monster, SoCal


$100 - $150 Winner

These pedals are like putting beautiful jewelry on your bike, except these stunning pedals can take a serious beating without flinching. Available in several unique colors to match your personality, these pedals will be the final touch to your bike motif. Beyond their looks, the Chromag Contact pedals are built on a sure-footed platform. Designed by Brandon Semenuk, these pedals have a large platform that extends back towards your cranks bringing your feet in for more control. This control is improved more by the 24 adjustable height pins. The 13mm thick platforms also have a slight concave to cradle your foot. At 380g, these pedals won’t weigh you down either.




  • Swept in platform shape brings your feet closer to the crank arm without losing size
  • Multiple color options to dial in your look
  • 13mm thin design keeps your pedal feel close to the axle
  • Concave shape to hold your foot in place
  • Platform design  provides ultimate setup for dirt jumping and tricks
  • PLATFORM SIZE - 110x105mm
  • PLATFORM PROFILE - Concave, 13mm at axle
  • AXLE MATERIAL - Chromoly steel
  • PINS - 24 adjustable height pins/pedal
  • BODY MATERIAL - 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • WEIGHT - 420G


Burly pedals
Best flat pedals I have ever had. I ride on gnarly granite in Phoenix and usually lose pins-not the case with these pedals-they take a beating but all pins still intact-very nice product.

-True Brit, Phoenix, AZ


$150 - $200 Winner

Another pro rider designed pedal, the T-Mac pedals had to meet strong criteria to lay claim to Tyler McCaul’s name. These pedals feature a 2.5mm concavity, one of the deepest in its category. This helps to really lock in your shoe while charging the gnar. Deity uses high-end multi-sealed bearings and DU bushings to keep the pedals spinning smoothly. These pedals are a bit on the heavier side at 409g/pair, but that comes with a huge platform and endless amounts of strength to hold up to the rowdiest of rides. Packed with 14 traction pin per pedal side, there is a ton of grip. The pins are pre-treated with Loctite to stay put, but come with a set of replacement pins just in case. Also, they come in almost every color to match up with your bike’s personality.




  • Super concave shape for ultimate grip while pedaling
  • 14 traction pins per side deeply engages your shoe while riding
  • Backup pins included to keep your grip at full potential
  • Vast color options for heaps of style
  • Largest Deity pedal to date provides ultimate platform for hard charging
  • PLATFORM SIZE 110x105mm
  • PLATFORM PROFILE Concave, 16.5-14-16.5mm
  • AXLE MATERIAL Chromoly steel
  • BEARING/BUSHING Micro-sealed bearings and DU bushing internals
  • PINS 28 steel pins/pedal, includes replacement pins
  • BODY MATERIAL Extruded and machined 6061 T6 aluminum
  • WEIGHT 409G approx.


T-mac pedals
I purchased two sets of these petals for both of my bikes from the recommendation of a friend and couldn’t be happier with them they stick to your feet like crazy have a nice wide base making your foot not get cramps.

-Ted C., Redmond, WA


Over $200 Winner

This top-dollar category is somewhat sparsely populated, but the winner is king for a reason. The Crank Brothers Stamp 11 stands on the shoulders of giants. The Stamp line of pedals have a proven design that is available in 2 sizes for various foot sizes. The come in at a razor this 11mm thick in the middle and 13mm thick at the edges. This creates a concave surface that grabs hold of your rubber soles firmly. The Stamp pedals come in a series of different tiers, and these 11’s are the absolute pinnacle. Titanium spindles and premium bearings make this venerable pedal design one of the lightest and best spinning pedals in its class. At 325g/set these just barely tip the scales, but will still hold strong. These are only available in 1 color, but the black finish with 10 gold pins per side and gold accents are sure to beautifully adorn any whip. Plus, if you love the Stamp 11 but can’t justify the cost, they can be found in various other configurations for several other price points.




  • Titanium spindle provides the basis for a strong and light pedal
  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate different foot sizes
  • Premium bearings and seals to keep your pedals spinning smoothly
  • Concave platform design for increased grip and comfort
  • Proven platform design available at multiple pricepoints
  • PLATFORM SIZE - 100x100mm (small), 114x111mm (large)
  • PLATFORM PROFILE - Concave, 13-11-13mm
  • AXLE MATERIAL - Titanium
  • BEARING/BUSHING - Igus LL-glide bearing
  • PINS - 20 steel pins/pedal
  • BODY MATERIAL- Forged 6061-T6 aluminum
  • WEIGHT- 299G (small) 325G (large)


Great Quality, light weight, amazing grip
These Crank Brothers Stamp pedals are great, nothing but quality incredible grip and extremely lightweight it’s everything you are looking for in a platform pedal.*

-Diego S., Hollister, CA

Note* - This review is for the Stamp 7 which is an almost identical pedal. The Stamp 11 just takes the materials, bearings, and weight to the next level.

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