TREAT YO'SELF: Upgrade Your Ride

After a season of giving, Jenson wants to make sure you are also taking care of #1! So, go on and Treat Yo'self! Sometimes this means blinging out your beloved bike, heading out in style with your favorite new riding kit. Maybe it's getting your garage dialed with the perfect tools to keep your bikes running right. However you decide to treat yo'self, Jenson USA is here to help you live your best bike life. In this article, read on to find out ways to elevate your bike riding experience and how you can treat yo'self.

Bling Out Your Bike

One aspect of bikes that never changes from when you were a kid is the desire to personalize your ride. This can mean many things for different people but the go-to for us is to add some color. You can completely change the look of your bike with just a few pops of color.

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Freshen Up Your Kit

Riding is supposed to be a pleasurable experience and being comfortable is a key factor to that equation. Changes in the gear you wear can make can a world of difference in overall comfort. A jacket for cold weather, a new set of pads, or some fresh shoes – it’s never a bad time to treat yourself to some fresh gear.

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New Adventures

One of the best ways to treat yo'self is to open up your rides to fresh adventures with a new bike. This could mean adding an n+1 bike to your collection that is designed to take you to unexplored places or this may mean updating your trusty steed for a new modern bike with years of refinement that will allow you to push even farther and harder. Each bike has its own unique characteristics, and can challenge and progress your riding in new and exciting ways.

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Locks , Tools & Accessories

Sometimes spoiling yourself is a bit more subtle. Often the unsung heros of bike gear go without notice until we desperately need them. To all the accessories, locks, and tools that make our two-wheeled life just a bit more convenient and easy, we raise our glasses! So, pick up those tools that keep your bike running oh-so right, or that lock that can give you a bit of security and convenience for your mid-ride coffee stop, or those lights that ensure that your ride doesn't have to end when the sun sets. Treat yo'self to security, convenience, and fun!

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