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First Look: Deity Deftrap Composite  Pedals

First Look: Deity Deftrap Composite Pedals

Deity has just introduced the Deftrap; a pedal that marries the massive pedal platform and other key features of the T-Mac with the tried-and-true reliability and value of the composite Compound pedals. Plus, they come in the full range of grip colors that Deity offers, so you can keep your whip dialed in style. We've just gotten our hands (er... feet) on these new pedals and are putting them through testing for deeper look videos and articles. In the meantime, read on below for the official press release from Deity.

It's Time To Dial In Your Home Shop

It's Time To Dial In Your Home Shop

In a time when many of us are confined within the walls of our own homes, many cyclists are spending their extra time repairing and tinkering with their bikes. We now have a little more time on our hands to dial in our shifting, straighten crooked handlebars, and replace worn-out grips. While at home, it's also a great time to expand and improve your home shop. Most riders have the essential tools required to perform routine maintenance on their bikes, but when it comes to bike tools, there is always a new or better tool you could use. In this article we explore certain tools, equipment, and storage solutions that can really take your home shop to the next level.