The Top 5 Best Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebars

Touch points are easily the most important parts of your bike that you can upgrade. One small change in angle can create a big difference in feel, which can be good or bad depending on which way you go. That being said, the smallest of angles can make a huge difference of how your bike feels, especially when it comes to your cockpit. Because of this, we decided to put together a video with the top 5 best carbon mountain bike handlebars!

The first bars we chose are the Enve Composites M7's. What can we say about ENVE that most people don't already know... they make some of the best bike bits on the market across all disciplines! The one-stop-shop for incredibly products for your mountain, road and gravel bikes! Multiple people here at Jenson are running the ENVE M7's with high praise and we truly think anyone considering them will love them. We definitely recommend these bars to anyone considering picking a set up. Enve Composites M7

The next bars we chose are the Race Face Next R 35's. RaceFace makes a ton of extremely reliable products and these bars are no different. With a very lightweight build, a handful of different colors to choose from, a nice stock graphic, and affordable price point for carbon bars, these Next R's might be the go-to that many of you are looking for! Race Face Next R 35

Coming up next, we went with the Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35 bars. These bars are a go-to for many of the top downhill racers and teams on the circuit, proving their reliability, durability, and compliance through the roughest of terrain. Take a look at some of your favorite riders on the World Cup circuit and you’ll see just how proven Renthal is. When it comes to handlebars, Renthal knows what they are doing and it shows in the quality of their products. Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35

We chose the OneUp Components carbon bars as our fourth pick. If you take a quick look around your local trailhead, you'll notice that these bars are one of the most popular bars on the mountain.With the extremely unique oval technology that OneUp is known for, you cannot go wrong with one of their bars. The oval technology provides impressive vibration damping, making them one of the most compliant bars on the market. I have these bars on my enduro bike and can personally attest to the amazing performance, I wouldn't think twice about recommending them to anyone. OneUp Components Carbon

Finally, we went with the We Are One "Da Package" bar and stem combo. We Are One has come out swinging with a ton of extremely high performance carbon parts for your bike, from wheels, to this bar combo, to insanely state of the art bikes. The engineering on We Are One products is second to none and every little bit of detail really shows that. WAO just dropped this nifty new bar and stem combo that takes a lot of uncertainty out of your cockpit. With all three independent parts working synergistically, there is no question about comfort and durability with "Da Package." WeAreOne "Da Package"


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