Top 5 Best Aluminum Mountain Bike Handlebars!

Touch points are easily the most important parts of your bike that you can upgrade. One small change in angle can create a big difference in feel, which can be good or bad depending on which way you go. That being said, the smallest of angles can make a huge difference of how your bike feels, especially when it comes to your cockpit. Because of this, we decided to put together a video with the top 5 best aluminum mountain bike handlebars!

The first bars we chose are the Spank Spike 35 Vibrocore™. The Spank Spike Vibrocore bars have a foam core inside of the bars that provides a reduction in vibration frequencies in your hands, as well a stiffness and strength not seen in typical alloy bars (they have Vibrocore™ wheels with the same technology as well!). All of this technology combined provides a very comfortable feel on the trail that will help you ride longer. The uniqueness of their build made them an easy candidate for one of the top 5 best aluminum bars on the market. Spank Spike 35 Vibrocore™


The next bar we chose is the Deity CZ40 Cam Sink signature bars. These bars are brand new on the market after 2 years of rigorous development and modeled after Cam Zink’s personal preferences on his bikes. In fact, Cam being the big motocross fan and rider that he is, modeled these bars after his favorite moto bars using similar sweep and ride. The CZ40’s are purpose-built for all types of riding disciplines, from downhill to dirt jumping, so that says a lot about the strength and reliability of these bars. We dig ‘em! Deity Components CZ40


Coming up next, we went with the Renthal Fatbar Riser bars. These bars are a go-to for many of the top downhill racers and teams on the circuit, proving their reliability, durability, and compliance through the roughest of terrain. Take a look at some of your favorite riders on the World Cup circuit and you’ll see just how proven Renthal is. When it comes to handlebars, Renthal knows what they are doing and it shows in the quality of their products. Renthal Fatbar Riser


We chose the OneUp Components alloy bars as our fourth pick. These bars are also new to the market and are basically a carbon copy of the carbon OneUp Components bars, which isn’t a bad thing. With the extremely unique oval technology that OneUp is known for, you cannot go wrong with one of their bars. The oval technology provides impressive vibration damping, making them one of the most compliant bars on the market. OneUp is known for high quality components and these new aluminum bars are no different. OneUp Components Aluminum


Finally, we went with the PNW Components Range Gen3 bars for our last pick. PNW is an extremely environmentally friendly company providing some of the best components on the market at more than reasonable costs. This Is the third iteration of the Range bar, which is packed with rider-friendly features. PNW focused on comfort and shaped these bars to help provide a relaxed position on the bike. With such high quality across their entire line, it would be hard to leave them out of the list of some of the best bars on the market. PNW Range Gen3

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