First Impressions: The Ibis Oso Ride Review!

Santa Cruz, California- based Ibis Cycles came out swinging with their first e-bike, the Oso. Join our hosts Kyle and Mark as we give our first impression of Ibis' Oso in this ride review! The Ibis Oso is full of forward-thinking technology for any rider out there looking to get on an e-bike to squeeze out as many miles as they can handle.

Although it may look a little different, Ibis has stuck with their highly-regarded DW-Link suspension platform with this e-bike, providing that familiar supportive and efficient feel that they're known for. This bike uses a Bosch Performance CX motor which is quiet and natural-feeling, creating a pleasant feel while pedaling around on the trails. The Oso comes equipped with a 750wh battery across all sizes minus smalls, which tout a 625wh battery.

Small and medium Oso's come with a 29'' front wheel accompanied by a 27.5'' rear (mullet/MX), whereas large and extra large sizes come full 29'' front and rear. The Oso is equipped with a Fox 38 Performance fork at 170mm of travel, and a Fox X2 Performance Elite shock at 155mm. This bike is dual crown fork compatible, meaning you can run up to a 190mm downhill fork on this bike for the rowdier trails. With size-specific chainstays, a 64° head tube angle and between a 77°-79° seat tube angle, this bike is built to go downhill both ways comfortably and efficiently!

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