Orbea Rise Hydro 2022 eMTB - First Look! The Lightest Aluminum E-Bike!

Kyle shows off the new 2022 Orbea Rise H30. The lightest and most agile aluminum e-bike currently on the market! Orbea set the bar for lightweight eBikes that carried over the feel and performance of their analog siblings with the introduction of the carbon framed Rise eBike models based off their Occam trail bike. Now, they've done it again by introducing an alloy version of the Rise eMTB that takes all that Orbea learned from the carbon version and packages it in an aluminum frame that allows them to bring much of the same performance and weight, but at a significantly cheaper price. The changes and updates don't stop at the new alloy frame. Watch our First Look video then head over to our blog to learn even more about all the intricate details that make the new Orbea Rise H eBike models so tempting.

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