Custom Bike Check: 2023 Norco Sight C SE Review!

Kyle K., our Bicycle Category Merchant here at Jenson, recently got his hands on a new 2023 Norco Sight C SE frameset so he grabbed all of his favorite parts and built up his dream bike. Join us as we do a bike check and give a quick review on Norco's highly capable and versatile all-mountain machine!

The Norco Sight comes stock with 150mm of rear travel and 160mm up front. Each size bike is tailor fit so different aspects of the geomety like head tube angle, seat tube angle, and chainstays are size-specific to create a similar ride experience for all riders. Additionally, using Norco's Ride Aligned software, getting your bike set up and tailored for maximum riding comfort is quick and painless!

The Norco Sight comes in full 29'' and full 27.5'', with multiple different aluminum and carbon builds for those looking for an option that matches their budget. Nicely priced with solid builds, the Norco Sight is definitely a bike worth checking out if you're looking for a bike that can handle all of the rough stuff while not having to sacrifice on climbing capabilities.

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