Leatt Airflex Protective Gear:  Top of Our List for Comfortable Protection


As a mountain biker, the last thing you want is something preventing you from hitting the trails. Injuries happen, but you can avoid them or reduce their severity with some excellent protection.

At Jenson USA, we believe that Leatt makes excellent products to protect you while shredding. You'll find some of our favorite mountain bike protection in Leatt's Airflex line.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • What Is The Leatt Airflex Line?
  • Leat Airflex Knee And Elbow Protection
  • Leat Airflex Body Protection For Mountain Bikers


What Is The Leatt Airflex Line?

Airflex is Leatt's line of lightweight mountain bike protection. These products are best suited to riders who don't want to ride with bulky and restrictive pads but still want to protect themselves.

  • The Leatt Airflex line is broken into different categories depending on how much protection you want. 
  • The original 3DF Airflex is super slim, while the Airflex Pro products add a little extra padding for more protection, ideal for trail riders. 
  • Alternatively, riders can level up their protection with Leatt's Airflex Enduro and Hybrid lines. These are much more robust but still offer the lightweight characteristics that the Airflex line has become well-known for.
  • The Leatt Airflex line encompasses knee and elbow pads and body protection. So if you like one item from the line, you can kit yourself out in the whole range and enjoy the benefits.


Leat Airflex Knee And Elbow Protection

Leatt Knee Guard Airflex Pro


We love the slim profile and lightness of the Leatt Airflex Pro Knee Guard. Their CE-rated protection gives you the confidence you need without being too bulky. This minimalist design makes these knee guards "pedal-friendly" while providing protection where you need it at a reasonable price.

  • Protection comes from Leatt's 3D-shaped AirFlex impact gel. The gel stays soft and comfortable until it gets a whack. It hardens under impact, protecting your knees when you crash.
  • We’re impressed with the fit of the Leatt Airflex Pro Knee Guards and how well they stay in position. This is thanks to the well-contoured gel pads and silicone printing on the inside.
  • Comfort is enhanced by the MoistureCool and AirMesh fabrics. These technical materials are lightweight and breathable, perfect for all-day on the saddle.


Leatt Airflex Hybrid Knee Guard


If you are looking for minimalist knee pads suitable for a wide range of riding, the Leatt Airflex Hybrid Knee Guards are an excellent choice. 

  • We are impressed by the high level of comfort these pads provide, especially on longer rides, thanks to their superb fit. They offer a good level of protection, especially when you compare them to other minimalist knee pads on the market.
  • We've found that the Leatt Airflex Hybrid Knee Guards strike an excellent balance between protection and comfort while providing the high quality and performance required by versatile mountain bikers. 
  • Leatt has also made the Airflex Hybrid Knee Guards available for junior riders, so younger mountain bikers can enjoy the benefits of these superb guards too. 


Leatt Airflex Elbow Guard


You can pair any of the Leatt Airflex knee guards above with these elbow guards, and they complement each other very well. In true Airflex style, they remain faithful to the slim design while providing a good level of protection.

  • These elbow guards use the Airflex gel that is soft to the touch but hardens on impact. Therefore, you are treated with comfort but benefit from the shock-absorbing properties of the gel when you need them.
  • We like how the MoistureCool fabric is breathable, which keeps the elbow guards comfortable and in place on hot days.


Leat Airflex Body Protection For Mountain Bikers

Leatt Body Tee Airflex Stealth


Of all the body protection available, we rate the Leatt Body Tee Airflex Stealth as one of the most comfortable. This short-sleeve protector fits snug on your torso, which gives you a couple of essential benefits.

  • Firstly, the tight fit means that the padding stays where it needs to be during a crash. The second benefit is that the fit keeps you comfortable the whole time you're wearing the Tee.
  • This superior comfort is enhanced by MoistureCool and AirMesh fabrics. These breathable materials wick moisture away from your skin and are fast-drying. They also have anti-odor properties, keeping you fresh for longer.
  • Protection comes from the CE-tested and certified pads. These are strategically placed to protect your back and shoulders when you fall off your bike. If you like to wear neck braces, you're in luck, as the Leatt Body Tee Airflex Stealth is compatible with them, increasing your level of protection.


Leat Airflex Chest Protector


Sometimes adding extra protection to your torso can take the worry out of mountain biking. The Leatt Airflex Chest Protector allows you to concentrate on your riding and gives you confidence when progressing your skills.

  • The peace of mind that you get from this protector comes courtesy of the lightweight chest and back protection. These use Leatt's Airflex impact gel that disperses the shock from impacts. But it's also soft and tactile, so comfort is never an issue while riding.
  • Leatt has designed the chest protector with multiple plates rather than one big one. This means that your movement and comfort aren't compromised.
  • The ventilation slots and I-Mesh material give the Airflex Chest Protector excellent airflow, keeping you cool while riding hard.
  • In addition to all this, Leatt offers a women's version of the Airflex Chest Protector. This provides the same level of protection and comfort but is ergonomically designed to fit the female form better.


Leatt Airflex Body Protector


There are two versions of the Leatt Airflex body Protector. One is a superb one-piece, while the other comes in two pieces. Which one you choose comes down to your personal preference, but here is an overview of both.

  • Both versions of the body protector provide excellent coverage for your upper body. Like the other items we've already discussed, they use Leatt's impact gel for protection and breathable materials for comfort.
  • Some of the Jenson USA riders love the security of the one-piece version. The design consists of a compression top with integrated pads where you need them.
  • However, other riders prefer the floating nature of the pads on the two-piece version. The two-piece consists of a compression fit top that you slip the torso protector over. The torso protector has adjustable straps, so you can fine-tune how it fits and ensure that they stay put.


Leatt 3DF Airfit Lite Body Tee



The Leatt 3DF Body Tee is an incredibly comfy figure-hugging body protector. This is the choice for anyone who wants a little extra protection when pushing themselves onto the next level but doesn't want Robocop-style armor.

  • The 3DF is Leatt's tried and tested impact foam. It's used on pads strategically placed on the shoulders, chest, back, and sides. To get in and out of the Tee quickly, Leatt has given it a zipper on the front.
  • We like that the tight fit prevents the pads from straying away from where they should be, giving you peace of mind that you'll be protected if you and your bike become separated.
  • Leatt has used the MoistureCool and AirMesh fabrics to ensure you're as comfortable as can be when riding your mountain bike.


Final Thoughts On Leatt Airflex

As you can tell, we're big fans of Leatt products, especially the Airflex line. The minimalist nature of these products means that you don't have to ride restricted by bulky body armor. But you can be confident that you'll get a good level of protection when you compare the Airflex line with other minimalist MTB pads.


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