Let's Talk about Tool Storage... Everyday Carry Options for your Bike!

Have you ever gotten stranded due to a mechanical issue or are you looking for a way to safely and easily carry tools with you on your ride? We figured we would cut some of the legwork short for you so we comprised a list of some of the best tools on the market to help keep you pedaling!

OneUp Components has a really handy EDC (Everyday Carry) system that cleverly makes the most out of empty storage spaces to ensure that you won't need to carry any other tools for your ride. Whether internally or externally, the EDC system is extremely compact to where you almost won't even notice it's there.

 Wolf Tooth Components has a pretty interested setup with their Encase Bar Kit One system, which utilizes the empty space in handlebars to carry just about anything you could ever need to keep your bike up and running on the trail.

From pedals, to wheels, to tools, Crank Brothers has a long line of amazing, high quality products. The M17 tool is well thought out, made of bullet-proof materials, and is affordable. EVERYONE needs a multi-tool and Crank Brothers produces some of the best ones.

There aren't enough positive words in the human language that can convey how highly we think of Foundation tools. Just about any tool that you can ever want is covered by Foundation at an eye-popping price point. From beginner mechanics to professionals, Foundation has you covered when it comes to tools without making you break the bank to get them. 

Muc-Off is well known for making environmentally friendly products as well as some of the best products on the market for regular bike maintenance. One of their tools that we here at Jenson really appreciate is their CO2 inflator kit, which comes with two CO2 cartridges, a CO2 inflator head, and a neoprene sleeve to protect your fingers when using CO2.

Dakine's Hot Laps Gripper bag is one of the most popular on-bike storage bags on the market. It holds a tube, multi-tool, tire levers, and CO2 if you properly pack it, connects to your frame, and ensures you can carry around your own personalized kit without emptying your bank account. We've used these on our own personal bikes with absolutely no complaints...

Finally, Lezyne makes this really interesting Flow Caddy bottle that can slide into a water bottle cage to store tools, snacks, or whatever else you want to hold inside of it safely. This is especially handy for riders with frames that have multiple sets of water bottle bosses so you can carry a water bottle and utilize the other bosses with a cage to hold the caddy. Pretty nifty!


Don't be that rider who gets stuck in the middle of nowhere because your chain broke or you got a flat and you didn't have the proper tools with you to get yourself out of a mess. Join Mark as he goes over some of the best ways to keep essential tools on you to ensure that you're prepared for everyday ride!



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