The Best Clipless MTB Shoes for 2023!

Are you a clipless rider looking for a new shoe to get into? We decided we’d throw up a video of the best clipless shoes of 2023, showing our top picks to hopefully help you in your decision making. Choosing the right clipless shoe is extremely important for maximizing comfort on your ride, which can lead to a major improvement in your riding experience. I personally have gone through a handful of different brands and models, and it took a while to find out what worked best for me. We’re trying to help cut out some of the guesswork in hopes that we can help keep you pedaling. If you have a few minutes, join Mark as he goes over a few of our favorite clipless shoes for 2023!

First up, we chose the Giro Chamber II shoes. Just looking at this shoe, it is clear that there was a heavy skate shoe influence involved during the design phase, which is why the Giro Chamber II is one of the most stylish and popular clipless shoes available today. This shoe is packed with safety features, vent holes, and durable material ensuring it will leave you needing nothing more. We’re a big fan of these shoes and wanted to include them for all of you out there looking to pick up a new clipless shoe. It’s no surprise that during his time with Giro, this was Aaron Gwin’s go-to shoe.'

Crankbrothers is known for having a wide variety of high quality products that are built to last and their Mallet E Speed Lace shoes fit right in with the rest of their line up. Crankbrothers has an entire system known as the Match, which is highly thought out to provide the best riding experience possible. In short, Crankbrothers didn’t just toss a shoe together and put it out on the market to make a few bucks, they thoroughly designed their shoes to be perfect for every rider. We’re highly impressed with how much time and effort went into these shoes and think they’re a worthy product to ride in.

Next up is the Specialized 2FO Roost shoes. Specialized put out what are quite possibly some of the most casual looking mountain bike shoes available today. With a stylishly clean look, these shoes can be worn on and off the trail without screaming “I’M OUT RIDING MY BIKE” in your favorite local lunch spot. With only a lace option for securing the shoes, they are a highly appreciated style of shoe for all of those riders out there looking for a plain styled shoe with extremely high performance. In short, Specialized put a lot of thought into this shoe to provide great looks matched with tons of features that any clipless rider would want.

Our final shoe is the Fox Union BOA Syndicate collaboration shoes. If you're looking for durable but stylish mountain biking shoes, but not sure where, look no further... the Fox Union shoes might fit the bill! Just 7 short months ago, Fox released their game-changing Union footwear line which has quickly become some of the most sought after mountain bike shoes on the market. Fox Head is the clothing brand sponsor for the Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill team and they collaborated on an entire set of gear, from head to toe. This pair of shoes shows off one of the designs they made and put on the market for the average consumer to purchase… we like them! We here at Jenson USA have spent a lot of time on the Union line and can attest to the comfort and durability that these shoes provide!

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