Battle of the two major suspension brands: Fox vs Rockshox!

When buying an upper-end full-suspension bike these days, you can almost guarantee that it will be fitted with Fox or Rockshox suspension. Although both companies make amazing suspensions for your bike, there are some differences between these two brands. You might be wondering what those differences are, how they might be similar, or which one is best so we have gone ahead and put them against each other in a head-to-head showdown for your viewing pleasure. So, here we go... Fox vs Rockshox! Who is the big winner? After watching this detailed guide on both suspension companies, we believe you'll be able to form a strong opinion for yourself. We hope you enjoy!

Watch in 4K!

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:44 - What Do Both Brands Have in Common?
  • 5:53 - Product Line/Discipline Breakdown (e.g. Fox 36 vs Rockshox Lyrik or Fox 38 vs Rockshox ZEB)
  • 18:09 - Model Ranges (e.g. Fox 38 "Performance" to "Factory")
  • 19:55 - Adjustability
  • 22:19 - Service Information
  • 25:09 - "Hypes and Gripes"
  • 29:29 - Fox 38 Factory vs Rockshox ZEB Ultimate
  • 38:25 - Who's the Winner?
  • 39:30 - Conclusion
  • 40:21 - Outro

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