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Feedback Sports | 15mm Pedal Combo Wrench 15mm Pedal Combo Wrench


Feedback Sports 15mm Pedal Combo Wrench The Feedback Sports 15mm Pedal Combo Wrench comes at you with an angled head for easier access to hard to reach angles. At the opposite end, you'll get a 15mm closed axle nut wrench. It is made from forged steel for maximum durability and performance. Features Angled head for mechanical advantage Closed axle nut wrench | Feedback Sports | 15mm Pedal Combo Wrench 15mm Pedal Combo Wrench


Park Tool | Hxs-3 Stubby Hex Wrench Set 1.5mm to 6mm Wrench Set


Park Tool HXS-3 Stubby Hex Wrench Set The Park Tool HXS-3 Stubby Hex Wrench Set is composed of shop quality, L-shaped, high-torque industrial steel hex wrenches. One end of the hex wrenches feature a ball end on the long arm and a standard end on the stubby arm, which is designed to reach bolt heads in tight spaces. Features Portable tool organizer Tight tolerances Chamfered tips 1. 5, 2, 2. 5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm ...


Park Tool | Double-Ended Cone Wrench 17mm & 18mm


PARK TOOL DOUBLE-ENDED CONE WRENCH These double ended cone wrenches are made of thin steel, nickel plated and heat treated for the home mechanic or occasional user. Available in four popular sizes from 13mm to 18mm. Their small size makes them ideal to carry along for quick repairs and are the go to tool for all sort of hub adjustments. Features Options include a 13/14mm, 13/15mm, 15/16mm, or 17/18mm double ended wrench Related Articles: Hub ...


Park Tool | Pw-4 Pedal Wrench 15mm, Heavy Duty


Park tool pw-4 pedal wrench The PW-4 professional pedal wrench is designed for heavy "shop" use. An oversized, asymmetrical head is made from Cro-Moly steel for superior strength and durability. While strong, the PW-4 is thin enough to access all wrench flats. Two 15mm wrench openings are oriented at 30 deg and 45 deg angles so the user can always achieve the best mechanical advantage, regardless of the pedal position. NOTE: Some pedals will have ...


Park Tool | Pw-3 Pedal Wrench PW-3, 15mm & 9/16"


PARK TOOL PW-3 PEDAL WRENCHJUST KEEP WRENCHINGWhen you're installing your pedals on your bike, you need a lot of torque so they won't fall off mid-ride. Inversely, when you're removing your pedals, you'll also need a lot of torque. The Park Tool PW-3 Pedal Wrench is made from Chromoly steel for a shop quality pedal wrench made to last. It features 15mm and 9/16" precision openings and a long, round, vinyl dipped handle that won't ...


Foundation | V2 Pedal Wrench Black

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Foundation V2 Pedal WrenchThe Foundation V2 Pedal Wrench is a versatile bike tool that features a 15mm pedal wrench on one side and a 6mm and 8mm double-sided hex key wrench on the flip side. The small and compact size of the wrench makes it a great option for bringing with you on your ride and the versatility of the design makes the V2 Pedal Wrench a multi-use tool. Features15mm pedal wrench 6mm and 8mm ...


Park Tool | Twb-15 Crowfoot Pedal Wrench Chrome, 15mm


Park Tool TWB-15 Crowfoot Pedal Wrench The Park Tool TWB-15 Crowfoot Pedal Wrench was made to verify pedals are torqued to the specified factory spec. It is lazer cut, heat treated and plated to offer up a long life of service in the shop. Features Related Articles: TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS AND CONCEPTS Manufacturer's Part No: TWB-15 UPC: 763477008459 | Park Tool | Twb-15 Crowfoot Pedal Wrench Chrome, 15mm


Park Tool | Scw-Set.3 Shop Cone Wrenches Scw-Set.3


Park Tool SCW-SET. 3 Cone Wrenches The Park Tool SCW-Set. 3 includes all cone wrenches produced by Park Tool. the SCW-Set. 3 uses Park's Y-head design that puts more material where it's needed for strength and durability. Precision sizing and a military grade industrial phosphate finish ensure an accurate fit and consistent quality. Thin enough to use on the narrowest of adjusting cones, our Shop Cone Wrenches have a long, vinyl-dipped handle for leverage and ...


Pedro's | Pro Ratcheting Wrench Set Chrome, 8-15mm w/Storage


PEDRO'S PRO RATCHETING WRENCH SETPREMIUM TOOLSThere are many tools that you need to work on bicycles. Tools like hex wrenches, screw drivers, and open-end wrenches. The Pedro's Pro Ratcheting Wrench Set is premium combination ratcheting box-end/open end wrenches. They are made of durable, forged steel construction and features a 6-point, 72-tooth ratcheting mechanism. The set includes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15mm sizes and a storage pouch so you an keep everything ...


Park Tool | SBS-1.2 Socket & Bit Set Silver/Black, 3/8", Socket, Hex & to


Park Tool SBS-1. 2 Socket Bit Set The SBS-1. 2 is a shop quality set of sockets, hex bits and Torx® style bits, selected specifically for common bike repair needs. Ideal for use withPark Tool Torque Wrenches, the SBS-1. 2 3/8" drive bits and sockets are made from tough, chrome vanadium steel for lasting durability. Features Made from tough chrome vanadium steel Specifically selected bits and sockets for common bike repair 3/8 drive Limited Lifetime ...


Lezyne | Classic Pedal Rod Tool Wood


Lezyne was founded on March 1, 2007 by an industry icon by the name of Micki Kozuschekand his partners. Lezyne’s goal was to engineer and produce premium quality accessories that meet the same high standards as high- end bicycle components. Since 2007, Lezyne has increased their product line, and has maintained their high standards. The Classic Pedal Rod is an essential for every garage bike mechanic. Designed with two 15mm offset wrench opening positioned for ...